Our Picks for Catbird’s Sunday Roasting on Bloodstock Radio (24/11/2013)

We returned to co-host Catbird’s Sunday Roasting beside James Begley of Hybris on the 24th of November 2013. Below is a list of our picks for the show and links to online stores that allow you to purchase the releases they are featured on. We thoroughly recommend you scope out the bands we featured as we truly believe they are some of the best UK rock and metal artists doing the rounds:

Hearts Under Fire – You Are: Convenience (buy here)
Old Skin – Hag//Ridden (buy here please)
Esoteric Youth – Senicide (buy here)
Black Spiders – Stick it to the Man (buy here)
Tempestora – Relentless (buy here. Album review live on this website 26/11/2013)

Tune into Catbird’s Sunday Roasting next week for a special interview with Jamie Lenman as well as a live acoustic session CANCELLED AND BEING MOVED TO A DIFFERENT DATE. It’s going to be special.


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Long time fan of rock music and video games, webmaster and lead writer at UK Scumscene and SEGADriven. View all posts by Lewis Clark

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