Review: Corrupt Moral Altar’s Whiskey Sierra


The grindcore/groove metal lunacy of Corrupt Moral Altar returns for ‘Whiskey Sierra’; a new four track EP for fans of Confine, Oblivionized and War Wolf. The band have taken no time in churning out another slab of extreme metal after the release of their first EP ‘Luciferian Deathcult’ back in February and it’s amazing how quick the band have grown as songwriters in such a short space of time.

The big draw on this EP is the title track which adds a brilliantly welcome element to Corrupt Moral Altar’s sound: it’s catchy. There’s a massive hook here that takes the form of a dual vocal scream of, “WHISKEY SIERRA!” This is such a simple inclusion that gives the band’s music and far more memorable quality that is then followed up with a punishing series of blast-beats. Corrupt Moral Altar have lost none of their edge by adding something as simple as a vocal hook but they’ve gained from it greatly.

The other new track on the EP comes in the form of ‘Lord’ which continues in the band’s patented Hatebreed-esque stomp but peppers the song with bursts of grindcore and crust punk to create an intense, chunky, groove-ridden piece of metal that is immensely satisfying to listen to. It lacks the hook of ‘Whiskey Sierra’ but it succeeds in showcasing what Corrupt Moral Altar do best and that’s making crushing metal that takes influences from a range of genres.

The b-side of the EP takes the form of two re-recorded tracks from the band’s debut EP ‘Luciferian Deathcult’. If you’ve already experienced the two songs then the real pull of hearing them again comes with the masterful production and mix that ‘Whiskey Sierra’ has received. Some incredible work has been done in making the whole EP sound raw and aggressive, but it’s done in a way that allows the listener to appreciate the musicianship on display. Every element of the band’s sound is as clear as day from the manic drumming, distorted bass, crunchy riffs and ungodly dual vocal attack and it’s a glorious racket to behold.

The only issue with this EP is the whole thing is over and done with in ten minutes. It’s an absolutely gripping ten minutes but it’s an abrupt start-to-finish that leaves you begging for more. In a way the band have succeeded in making a great EP that does generally make you want more from them, but in turn it’s such a shame that there isn’t a lot more new material here for existing fans of the band.

Luckily the band are returning in 2014 to release their début album which is bound to be something special if ‘Whiskey Sierra’ has anything to say about it. Corrupt Moral Altar already sound like a band who have mastered their groovy grindcore and after this ten minute burst of extreme decadence you’ll be more than happy to see more music from the band roll around sooner rather than later. ‘Whiskey Sierra’ is a solid yet short release that will leave fans of extreme music extremely satisfied. More please.


Corrupt Moral Altar’s Whiskey Sierra 7″ white vinyl EP is available to buy from Dead Chemists Records now.


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