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Music Video: Terrible Love’s Mt. Misery


Post hardcore mob Terrible Love have seen fit to drop another music video from their Change Nothing EP and this time around we’re treated to a stylish tour video of Mt. Misery from the band’s time on the road with Rolo Tomassi. The band features members of Bastions, Funeral for a Friend and Goodtime Boys and if that doesn’t excite you then you should start this video right now:

Mt. Misery comes off Terrible Love’s Change Nothing EP which is available on vinyl from Big Scary Monsters. Tune in on Friday at 12pm BST for more substantial Terrible Love coverage on UK Scumscene.


Music Video: Press to Meco’s Autopsy


Here, we bloody love Press to Meco. We thought their debut album Good Intent was one of the best records of last year and it’s good to see the lads are still promoting it well. The latest track from the record to get the music video treatment is the rather dreamy, post hardcore anthem, Autopsy. Check out the incredible and bizarrely trippy animated music video below; you won’t regret it:

Autopsy comes off Press to Meco’s Good Intent, which is out now and available to buy direct from the band.

Music Video: Cactus&Cardigan’s Neon Suplex


Those highland bastards Cactus&Cardigan have returned with a new music video for Neon Suplex which comes off the band’s 2014 EP release Highland Bastards. We’re a sucker for music videos filmed in the squared circle so sit back and enjoy:

You can still buy Cactus&Cardigan’s Highland Bastards direct from the band. We suggest that you do and if you need further convincing you can check out our review.

Music Video: Bad For Lazarus’ Caught in the Twist


Psychobilly loonies Bad For Lazarus return with a new single prior to the release of their debut album Life’s a Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang!

The track in question is a little ditty called Caught in the Twist and features a pretty lurid video containing Satan, Simon Cowell and some rather graphic scenes involving nudity (slightly blurred) and an anal eruption. It’s a pretty safe bet that this will be something you probably don’t want to watch in the workplace.

Caught in the Twist is released through 1234 Records on June 16th. The single features on Life’s a Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang! which is released on July 28th.

Music Video: Samoans’ Dancing on the Sea Lion


Welsh rockers Samoans have debuted the first song from their debut album Rescue via the music video for Dancing on the Sea Lion. The band have taken an interesting turn musically as the track showcases a post rock sound which is quite different to the band’s previous math rock style. Check out the music video and download the song via the widget underneath:

Samoans release Rescue on the 7th of July through Apres Vous Records.

Music Video: Hold Your Horse Is’ Whistlepig


Today is the last day of Hold Your Horse Is which is a pretty sad time. We’ve been proud supporters of the band since UK Scumscene’s inception and tonight you can see the alt rockers play their last show at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch. As one last final hurrah for those of you who can’t make it, you can now watch an absolutely brilliant music video for ‘Whistlepig’ from their last release ‘Hold Your Horse Was’. Keep an eye out for Guy Davis of Reuben/Freeze the Atlantic fame:

You can grab Hold Your Horse Is’ final release via the below widget and we suggest you do. Don’t be a stingy bastard and throw some money at it as well as I hear the band owe some money after thrashing that van around for your enjoyment.

Music Video: Cactus&Cardigan’s George Michael Cums Cobwebs


Noise-rockers Cactus&Cardigan return with a new music video for George Michael Cums Cobwebs from their debut EP ‘Gag Reflex’ (you know, fourth best EP of 2013). The video was shot and edited entirely by the band with a “non existent budget”. Check it out:

Cactus&Cardigan head to the studio at the end of the month to record the follow-up to ‘Gag Reflex’. I cannot wait. Potato.

Music Video: Press to Meco’s Affinity


Tech emo mentalists Press to Meco have returned with another video for ‘Affinity’ from their EP that also shares the same name. I’m not entirely sure why they’ve made another video for the track but as someone has already mentioned maybe this is because the original video was a little more “adult” and wouldn’t get shown on daytime television.

Regardless, here’s the new video that you should probably watch because Press to Meco are bloody ace:

If you want to watch the original version to compare then you can also see that here:

Music Video: The Catharsis’ Amour


The Catharsis have released a killer new video for Amour from their debut album Romance. You know, that album we gave 10/10. The album that might just be UK Album of the Year. Check it out and go crazy:

The Catharsis go on tour with Heights and Black Dogs on September 30th.

Music Video: Cleavers’ Gradually Worse


Cleavers may well be on indefinite hiatus now but that doesn’t mean the garage punks haven’t got another release in their back pocket. Cleavers release a split record with The Kimberly Steaks in October and you can now check out the lyric video to Gradually Worse:

Pre-orders for the split will likely go live on Da Da Tunes soon.