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UK Scumscene Exclusive: Old Skin Mixtape


Atmospheric yet metallic hardcore weirdos Old Skin have kindly put together a mixtape. This mixtape is exclusive to UK Scumscene and will stay live on our Mixcloud account from 30/9/2013 to 7/10/2013. Old Skin have also supplied a short description of the mixtape which you can read below:

“As a band we have compiled a selection of songs that not only inspire and influence us, but have left their mark on us as individuals. Some songs were chosen because through the lyrics and melodies we are reminded of seminal moments in our lives, some were chosen simply because they drive us to improve as musicians. Whilst this is by no means an exhaustive list, we feel that this collection of songs reflects the inspiration and intention of Old Skin.”

Click here to be taken to the Old Skin mixtape.