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Why Don’t You Check Out: Rope Spasm


Rope Spasm hail from Perth in Scotland and make filthy, old-school hardcore punk. Formed from the ashes of Drug Couple and Torturo Nervosa, they unleashed their debut EP (ironically titled ‘EP 2’) in December of last year and it’s a rather tasty slab of noise. Check it out in the stream below:

Rope Spasm’s ‘EP 2’ is available as a pay-what-you-want download (if you like it you should at least consider giving the guys a quid, don’t be a dick) or a limited edition CD for only £2. That’s a bargain for such a great little debut.

Why Don’t You Check Out: Samoans

2 parts Cardiff, 1 part Frimley; Samoans are an alt-rock band in the Biffy Clyro/Reuben vain ie they make a lot of racket and are bloody catchy about it. They have recently been joined by the mighty Chris Rouse on drums who a few of you will recognise from Hold Your Horse Is.

Samoans have just dropped a stunning debut EP called Elevated Reflections after a string of splits, singles and demos (some of which are still available from the band’s Big Cartel). We especially like the fact it has a hidden track; we thought hidden tracks had become a thing of the past! It’s available digitally, on CD or as a special CD/T-shirt combo from their BandCamp and I can’t recommend it enough:

Samoans haven’t got any shows planned at the moment. Fingers crossed they have a tour lined up in support of the new EP.

Why Don’t You Check Out: Radio Alcatraz

Radio Alcatraz is a new post-hardcore band based in London and Brighton respectively. They’ve just dropped a fantastic record called Populous: In the Belly of the Beast which you can grab from Banquet Records for just £6.

Fans of At the Drive-In should feel right at home with these guys. Big riffs, plenty of complexity, melodious vocals and yelling are all on show here. Some of you might even recognise their vocalist Simon Griffiths from previous Visible Noise alumni Days of Worth.

Check out the debut single Running Through the Stitch below. You can even grab it for nothing at the band’s BandCamp page:

Why Don’t You Check Out: Gnarwolves

Gnarwolves are a straight forward punk band, but don’t let that put you off. These boys make some of the most exciting, beer-fuelled punk you’ve heard in ages. Based in Brighton but originating from Cornwall, these boys really know how to make a party anthem.

The band has a ‘pay-what-you-want’ EP called Fun Club (and trust me, the name more than lives up to its’ reputation) which you can grab from the band’s Band Camp now. Any money you throw at it goes towards the band’s next release as well.

The band are touring the UK through April and May so check them out if you can. It’s bound to be a laugh:

14/04/2012 – White Rabbit, Plymouth
15/04/2012 – Olives, Norwich
16/04/2012 – Jagged Rock Lounge, Wolverhampton
17/04/2012 – Cavern, Exeter
18/04/2012 – King Alfred Pub, Southampton
20/04/2012 – Cellar 35, Aberdeen
23/04/2012 – Green Door Store, Brighton
02/05/2012 – Hydrant, Brighton
07/05/2012 – Green Door Store, Brighton
08/05/2012 – Old Blue Last, London
10/05/2012 – The Hydrant, Brighton (Great Escape)
14/05/2012 – Green Door Store, Brighton
18/05/2012 – Hydrant, Brighton

Who Don’t You Check Out: Dopefight

The doom scene is really thriving in the UK right now and there’s some brilliant bands flying the flag for huge, crushing heaviness. Every once-in-a-while someone comes along and throws something different into the mix with devastating effect and Dopefight are definitely one of those bands

Hailing from Brighton, Dopefight make doom metal with a punk edge. This means the music is a lot faster than the usually plodding drone of most doom bands. What makes Dopefight so interesting is they manage to keep that overbearing weight that doom usually commands and twist it just slightly to make it sound that little bit more original.

The band have also had some brilliant success as a unsigned artist and seem to regularly shift large quantities of merch onto their ever-growing fanbase. Their online store is one of the best stocked for any band I’ve come across with a variety of shirts, patches, CDs and vinyl available at some bargain prices. It just goes to show that there’s still a dedicated audience who are willing to support a band with their wallet.

For the uninitiated, your first port of call should be Dopefight’s debut 2010 album ‘Buds’ which can be picked up from their store for a measly £6. It showcases everything I’ve just detailed and has some wonderful production values which is all too rare on such early releases from a band that is still fairly young.

The band are readying a new split with tourmates Gurt which looks to become one of this years big underground releases. They’ll also be appearing at Desertfest on the 7th of April at the Camden Purple Turtle and have just been announced as support on Eyehategod’s August UK tour.