News: The JCQ Call it Quits UPDATE Band Release B-Sides Collection



The JCQ have now released a collection of 3 b-sides from the Mechanical Young recording sessions to go with today’s announcement. You can stream/download the collection below:


The JCQ (formerly The James Cleaver Quintet) are splitting up. This is incredibly sad news for fans of alternative rock and punk as The JCQ are one of the most original sounding bands in the UK right now. Luckily the band released 2 great albums and an amazing EP (seriously, go and download ‘Ten Stages of a Make Up’ right now). Here’s some words from the band regarding their decision to split:

“So it is with heavy hearts that we announce the end of The JCQ. There are many reasons for our decision, but ultimately, although friendship within the band is at an all-time high, we just don’t feel that we can carry on putting the same amount of effort into making this band what it is, when our hearts just aren’t in it any more.

We will of course all be pursuing our own projects and ventures afterwards, so be sure to look out for new things coming from us individually. Charlie and myself (Maud) have begun work on a new band – Death Rattles, Paul is pursuing his career in tour management and will still be drumming for studio projects, Martin continues his production work as ‘In Lieu of a Studio’, Trips is playing in Mermaids On Heat with Sacha of The Secret and Jack will be pursuing his own ventures in new walks of life.

The good news is that we’ve booked a small tour to see off The JCQ properly. Unfortunately we can’t play everywhere, but we have selected a few towns that have always been good to us, in the hope that if you want to say farewell to The JCQ, it won’t be impossible to travel no matter where you are. We hope to see as many friends as we can at these gigs for one last time.

R.I.P The JCQ; 2006 – 2014.”

The full statement from the band can be found on their Facebook page.

Here’s the full list of dates for The JCQ’s final tour:

18/3 – TBC, Leeds
19/3 – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
20/3 – Avondale House, Southampton
21/3 – Underground Theatre, Eastbourne
22/3 – Old Blue Last, London (free show)


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