Review: Miss Vincent’s Creepy


Miss Vincent are a pop punk act from Guildford who arrive with their debut EP ‘Creepy’. The EP showcases the band’s appreciation of bands like Paramore and Alkaline Trio with its approachable style that puts melody and hooks at the forefront.

The band definitely have a knack for writing a catchy hook. There isn’t a song on ‘Creepy’ that won’t wriggle its way into your psyche causing you to whistle it all day. ‘Planning to Fail’ features the EP’s biggest chorus and is definitely going to be a song the band’s fan-base latch onto. Miss Vincent are also no introvert when it comes to ‘whoas’ and the entire band often burst into song for some backing ‘whoas’. Yes, they’re a clichéd inclusion but they certainly make the whole experience a bloody enjoyable one.

Miss Vincent do have problems though. The vocals sit in the mid-range for the whole EP and while they’re perfectly serviceable that’s all there is to it. This doesn’t sound like a band who truly believe in what they’re singing unlike the aforementioned Alkaline Trio and Paramore who definitely sing it like they mean it. If the band could work on their delivery and add some heart to their melodies then they’d shine even brighter. The vocal delivery also makes some of the melodies fall a little flat which is a damn shame as the band clearly have great song writing talent. It’s just a bit disappointing to hear such well written melodies sound so ‘meh’.

The other problem the band suffer is what they’re doing has been done before and done better. Miss Vincent are another pop punk band in an already overpopulated genre and they’re not doing enough to stand out. In all fairness their music is definitely more memorable than the usual ten-a-penny pop punk act and they even manage to break out a cracking solo in EP closer ‘Testing Times’. Miss Vincent could definitely stand out thanks to the quality of their song writing but once again it comes back to their vocal delivery. I need to believe in the band and right now I’m not so sure.

Miss Vincent’s ‘Creepy’ is an EP loaded with great hooks and its wonderfully consistent throughout all of its five tracks. The band are definitely on their way to being one of the UK’s premier pop punk bands but they need to work on delivering their lyrics with passion before a larger fan-base can truly get behind them.


Miss Vincent’s Creepy is available now and can be obtained via pay-what-you-want means at the band’s Band Camp page.


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