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Review: Boss Keloid’s Melted on the Inch

Boss Keloid’s previous offering, Herb Your Enthusiasm, was an album that was obviously pretty comfortable with just being another stoner metal offering and sometimes if you enjoy a genre enough then you’re happy to riff on established tropes and not explore much else to set you apart. With their follow-up, Melted on the Inch, Boss Keloid make a conceited effort to not be just another stoner band and put forward one of the most difficult to define and progressive records ever.

Melted on the Inch is such a drastic step-up in musicianship that it’s bizarre to think this is the same band. We’ve had some tweaks to the band’s line-up since the last record with original bassist Liam Pendlebury-Green returning, but the most significant change is the addition of Matthew Milne on keyboards. Milne adds extra atmospherics and depth to Boss Keloid’s music, with his dreamy melodies adding a spacy, floaty quality to the soundscape.

Speaking of soundscape, tracks like Peykruve really do help conjure up images of vast, barren landscapes. Boss Keloid’s music has a wonderful lilting quality to it as it gently sways between dreamy space-rock passages accompanied with Alex Hurst’s bluesy vocals and groovy, thunderous riffs. It’s the sort of music you can’t help but move to.

The song-writing really does deserve a special mention here because Boss Keloid constantly ask you to commit to 7 minute epics, but thanks to the sheer amount of grooves, technicality and constantly evolving melodies on display it never feels like padding. There might be only 6 songs on this album but those 6 songs contain so many ideas and creativity that they’re actually disguising the music contained within.

With Melted on the Inch, Boss Keloid have evolved from, “just another stoner band” to, “prog-sludge behemoths”. Melted on the Inch is such a confident and experimental release that anyone who is a fan of the slower, groovier side of metal will be doing their record collection a massive disservice if they don’t pick up this album.


Boss Keloid’s Melted on the Inch is out now and available to buy through Holy Roar Records.


Review: Limb’s Limb

What other altar is worth kneeling at besides ‘The Altar of the Riff’? There isn’t one. Limb know this. The stoner rock London four-piece have turned up to make some serious racket and it’s all encapsulated on their self-titled demo now available on CD through Witch Hunter Records.

Limb make a lot of noise in the Kyuss/Black Sabbath vein so fans of stoner/doom/sludge/fuzz will have plenty to like. In 11 and a half minutes, these three tracks plod along at a slower-than-average pace so you’ll bang your head at a decent, non-damaging rhythm.

Daemoness kicks things off suitably with a big, distorted groove that breaks down into a cleaner riff that lulls you into a false sense of security. Before you know it we’re back with the riffs and vocalist Rob Hoey provides a decent yell to keep the mood nice and brooding. Hoey’s vocals bring the biggest pull on this demo; his voice is commanding and the drawn-out screams give the band a massive sound.

Unfortunately the production and the mix can’t keep up with Limb’s music. The production is dull and muddy which only helps to flatten Limb’s sound instead of give it the shot of life that could really set it off. The mix also favours the bass a little too much. On the first listen we were under the impression Limb didn’t have a guitarist and only a bassist using a load of distortion, but lo and behold Limb do have a guitarist (his name is Pat Pask if you’re interested) but you wouldn’t know it on this release. With the guitar higher in the mix we could really appreciate those massive grooves a little more.

So what have we gathered from all this? Limb have a bright future and their Sabbath-inspired, sludge-worship makes for a great listen. They’re also great song writers with commanding vocals and huge riffs that will make for some great mosh pits. Unfortunately for them this is being masked with some flat production and shoddy mixing that could make this band sound immense. This will undoubtedly improve with time and we can’t wait to hear what the band do next, but this release is not showing Limb in the best light.


Limb’s Limb CD is available to buy from Witch Hunter Records via this link now.