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Review: Limb’s Limb

We’ve finally arrived at Limb’s first long player and it’s been a hell of ride. The desert sludgesters have delivered a demo (confusingly under the same name as this album), a 7” EP and a magnificent split with fellow sludgemeisters Gurt and now the band are putting their statement of intent out there with this their début self-titled album.

Limb stick pretty close to their tried and tested formula of crushing grooves, slow tempos and throaty roaring. Only two of the tracks appearing on this record have reared their head in the past with ‘Daemoness’ featuring on their first release in a much dirtier guise and ‘Gift of the Sun’ also getting a re-recording after it’s appearance on the 7” of the same name. Both songs sound as enormous as ever with ‘Daemoness’ sounding absolutely gigantic thanks to the brilliant production values that weren’t a privilege back when Limb started doing their thing.

As per usual, Limb’s axeman Pat Pask and bassist Sam Cooper absolutely steal the show thanks to their undeniable talent for writing a ball-busting riff. Every song that appears on Limb’s self-titled LP boasts a groove that’ll have you stomping around the house like a Viking stalking his next meal.

It’s also great to hear vocalist Rob Hoey move away from his lower-pitched yell to a full-on scream in songs like ‘Eternal Psalm Pt II’. It seems odd that we should be praising a man for simply screaming in a slightly different fashion, but when you hear the song kick into gear with Hoey’s vocals it sounds absolutely electric.

However, the real brilliance of Limb’s song-writing is the progressive nature of the music. Sludge metal doesn’t really sit well with progressive song structures but Limb rarely revisit a melody in any of their songs which keeps you gripped throughout the entire record. This is an extremely clever approach on Limb’s part because the consistent use of slow tempos means that the record could have become extremely tiresome if it wasn’t for the smart song-writing.

The only drawback comes in the form of drummer Jodie Wyatt. There’s nothing wrong with Wyatt’s simplistic yet hard-hitting style, but what is going on with that ride cymbal? I know this is a petty little niggle but I couldn’t help but notice that Wyatt favours the ride over a crash which brings an almost muted cymbal hit into the mix and she’s uses it a lot. Again, I realise this is an almost pathetic complaint but I can’t help but wonder what this record would’ve sounded like if Wyatt favoured the crash and gave the songs some satisfying impact.

Regardless of this small complaint, Limb’s self-titled début album is a beast of record that’s stuffed with Earth-moving riffs and enough groove to bring a legion of followers to the band’s cause. Limb have delivered the record they were always threatening to and it’s a welcome addition to any sludge fan’s collection.


Limb’s self-titled début album is out now through New Heavy Sounds and available to buy on CD and vinyl from Cargo Records.


Interview: Throne

Welcome back to Double Cross, our regular feature on bands in the UK heavy music scene with female members. In this edition we speak to Julia Owen from Throne.

My name is Julia Owen and I play drums in Throne. Nicos Livesey is our vocalist/guitarist and Will Michael plays bass.

What introduced you to doom/sludge metal?

I started listening to bands like Kyuss, Nebula, Fatso Jetson and Sabbath in my teens, after that it was just a natural progression into looking for similar bands, heavier bands… anything with a slow tempo and a killer riff has always drawn me in. In terms of playing these kind of genres, I found with my first band (which was basically rock with a slight stoner edge) that I loved playing the half-time sections most, so I decided I needed to find a band to play slow and groovy with!

What’s your proudest musical achievement in Throne to date?

For me it’s a tie between releasing our 7” EP last November and playing Desertfest two years in a row. This year was particularly special as we played on my birthday. Drinking Prosecco out of a bottle on stage was pretty ridiculous.

How’s the reaction been to the 7″? Are you happy with what you achieved?

The reaction was really good. We had a lot of positive reviews and the tracks got played on a bunch of radio stations; it was pretty mad hearing it on Radio One. That was something we never anticipated from our first release.

What bands that you’ve either played with or admire that you would recommend to our readers?

Bands we’ve played with that I can recommend include Limb, Bad Guys, Gurt and a new discovery for me, Dethscalator.
As for bands I admire, Slabdragger have just got themselves a new drummer and are playing again, which I’m really excited about also Mars Red Sky and Green & Wood are definitely worth checking out too

What’s coming up next in the Throne pipeline?

We’ve written a new EP and we’re going into the studio to record it next month. Our 7″ came out in December 2012 but we recorded it back in March last year when we hadn’t been together that long as a band. Since then we’ve had like a year and half of playing shows and writing songs together and as a result this new record sounds quite different. We’re really stoked for people to hear it, should be out by the end of the year.

What’s the best way for people to keep up-to-date with Throne updates and news?

We update our Facebook page the most – http://www.facebook.com/thronemusic
You can also check out our Twitter or Instagram: @tthhrroonnee

Review: Limb’s Gift of the Sun

When we reviewed Limb’s self-titled demo we said the band were “great song writers with commanding vocals and huge riffs that will make for some great mosh pits. Unfortunately for them this is being masked with some flat production and shoddy mixing that could make this band sound immense.” Now we’ve arrived at Limb’s second EP titled Gift of the Sun, so have the band given their winning formula of groovy sludge the power that it desperately needed? Fuck yes they have.

Limb’s massive blend of huge grooves, down-tuned riffs and booming vocals are back in full force and they sound as big as ever. The EP’s title track showcases how brilliant this band can truly sound thanks to the beautiful production which compliments Limb’s enormous, lurching sludge metal magnificently. There’s also a cracking breakdown which sees the band get nice and doomy giving the song a tremendous amount of depth.

The EP continues in an equally impressive fashion. Quiet Earth speeds things up slightly with a bouncy, punk riff that’s absolutely furious with all the added fuzz and crash that make up Limb’s signature sound. Mark my words; there will be circle pits to this song and they will be massive.

Gift of the Sun brings the entire record to a fitting close with Dead Voice; a song that fuses elements of both the previous tracks. It starts once again with Pat Pask’s almost hardcore punk riffing and develops into the biggest, doom groove it could possibly conjure. Heads will bang.

We had a feeling Limb were going places but my word did they arrive with a bang. Gift of the Sun is 3 of the most engaging, dirty, fuzzed-up sludge metal songs put to record and it makes for gripping listening. Limb’s music has a fantastic bounce to it that is going to fuel some of the most rowdy mosh pits London has to offer. Miss this EP at your own peril; Limb are coming to town and they’re taking no prisoners.


Limb’s Gift of the Sun is released on February 25th 2013. Pre-orders go live soon at New Heavy Sounds.