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Year End: The 10 Best Albums of 2016


10) Raging Speedhorn


Raging Speedhorn released a new album in 2016! Holy shit! And it sounds like a direct continuation of the sound on How the Great Have Fallen! And Frank is back in the band! Raging Speedhorn’s return with their 5th long-player Lost Ritual certainly quashed any worries that their previous album Before the Sea Was Built might have instilled and it’s absolutely fantastic to have them back on top form. The kings of sludgecore have finally returned.

9) Aliases – Derangeable

Digipack Layout

“Derangeable is a welcome addition to Aliases very limited library and it’s pretty safe to say that if you were a fan of the band before, then this was certainly a record worth waiting for. However, if you’re well versed in tech metal then you’ll certainly notice the similarities to SikTh and while you’ll probably never ask yourself, “why am I not just listening to SikTh?” you’ll certainly wonder if there wasn’t more the band could have done to differentiate themselves a bit.”

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8) Rash Decision – Headstrung

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“Regardless, Rash Decision have managed to churn out 17 minutes of hardcore punk perfection on Headstrung and if the new material doesn’t quench your hardcore thirst then there’s another 19 minutes of songs for you to indulge in, thanks to Seaside Resort to Violence being on the B side. Rash Decision are an immensely enjoyable hardcore punk act that don’t have too many strings on their bow, but thankfully the ones that are there do the job perfectly.”

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7) Karybdis – Samsara


“Karybdis have put together a smorgasbord of metal subgenres and masterfully fused them into a sound that is exclusive to the band. Samsara is a metal album that heavy music fans will be championing for years to come and it establishes Karybdis as one of the UK’s best metal acts.”

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6) Iron Witch – A Harrowed Dawn


“Iron Witch have certainly spent a long time getting to this record and at only 6 tracks long it is a bit slight for a long-player, but those years of writing and touring have turned them into a well-oiled, doom-making machine and A Harrowed Dawn is the realisation of all their achievements so far. This is easily the best and biggest sounding Iron Witch release to date and an essential purchase for any doom fan.”

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5) Let It Die – The Liar & the Saint

Let It Die - The Liar & The Saint - cover.png

It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for Let it Die to put their efforts into a long-player and with The Liar & the Saint the band have finally delivered. In typical Let it Die fashion it’s as heavy as a tonne of bricks to the skull and faster than a cat belting it across the room after having its tail stepped on. The Liar & the Saint is a relentless assault of hardcore punk and grind that demands you’re moshing for its entirety. Let it Die certainly didn’t disappoint on their debut album, but was there really any doubt?

4) The Infernal Sea – The Great Mortality

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“The Infernal Sea’s The Great Mortality is an album that you simply must own if you like metal. The Inferal Sea have absolutely mastered their craft and turned in one of the most satisfying black metal releases you could possibly want. It’s heavy, it’s memorable and it’s pretty much essential if you enjoy metal.”

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3) Sunwølf – Eve


“Eve is another monstrous achievement for Sunwølf. It’s an album of uplifting highs and crushing lows and despite the simplicity in the song-writing and how long the songs can be, everything is crafted with atmosphere in mind. Sunwølf songs will only linger if the atmosphere requires it to and thanks to the simplicity of the song-writing, the band also put focus on their melodies. You wouldn’t think an album like this would be so memorable but thanks to the focus on melody and atmosphere, it’s very easy to find yourself playing Eve repeatedly without even noticing it. Eve is a beautiful album that makes you appreciate good song-writing and if you’re a fan of post rock then it’s an essential purchase.”

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2) Wode – Wode


“Wode’s debut self-titled album is a fantastic achievement. Every element of the band’s song-writing has been so carefully crafted and sculpted to maximise the impact of their music and it makes this album one of the most approachable black metal releases I’ve ever come across. If you’re a fan of heavy music in general then Wode’s self-titled album is something that has a much broader appeal than most underground black metal and it’s a release I’d thoroughly recommend.”

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1) Slabdragger – Rise of the Dawncrusher


“The UK is spoilt for great sludge as Slabdragger are competing with other brilliant acts like Limb, Gurt, Monolithian and Opium Lord, but Rise of the Dawncrusher sets a new standard for UK sludge metal. Slabragger have written a follow-up so utterly devastating that it demands your attention. Slabdragger, man; what a band.”

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Review: Aliases’ Derangeable

Digipack Layout

Blimey, that new Aliases album is out! The band’s sophomore effort Derangeable felt like it was stuck in crowd-funding hell for quite some time (Safer than Reality was released 5 years ago!), but it’s finally decided to show itself and it’s certainly a mighty tech metal beast that clocks in at a healthy 49 minutes.

Now before we get into the review proper, we have to address the elephant in the room: Aliases new vocalist Joe Rosser sounds a lot like Justin Hill from SikTh. Aliases also feature Graham Pinney on guitar. You know; Pin. From SikTh. This album sounds a lot like SikTh. It sounds so much like SikTh that since its release, Joe Rosser has now replaced Justin Hill in SikTh.

So yeah, there’s quite a heavy SikTh/Aliases crossover going on here and that becomes this album’s biggest weakness. If you’re a SikTh fan then you’ll certainly feel like you’re in very familiar territory. However, if you can ignore the musical similarities then there’s still a lot to love on Derangeable.

This is an incredibly accomplished tech metal release and despite the genre’s tendency to get a bit noodly and directionless for the sake of showing off, Aliases actually manage to sculpt incredibly memorable tech metal songs that flow in a very natural way. They’re also not afraid of getting super tuneful as is evident on tracks like Back to the Start.

On the whole, Derangeable is a real treat for fans of tech metal. We’ve got all manner of guitar wizardry on offer; thunderous riffs are coupled with intricate passages of tapping and they’re sprinkled with an extremely impressive vocal performance from Rosser who effortlessly switches between sugary crooning and multi-pitched screams. Songs like Deep Sea Avenue are extremely impressive offerings, showcasing a level of musicianship that sounds like it should be impossible to achieve.

Derangeable is a welcome addition to Aliases very limited library and it’s pretty safe to say that if you were a fan of the band before, then this was certainly a record worth waiting for. However, if you’re well versed in tech metal then you’ll certainly notice the similarities to SikTh and while you’ll probably never ask yourself, “why am I not just listening to SikTh?” you’ll certainly wonder if there wasn’t more the band could have done to differentiate themselves a bit.


Aliases’ Derangeable is out now and available to buy from Basick Records.

News: Aliases Part Ways With Another Vocalist

What is it with tech metal bands and losing vocalists!?

Aliases have parted ways with Leigh Dale who replaced Jay Berast in September 2012. The band did not release any music with Dale on vocal duties.

Drummer Darren Hughes has said, “Unfortunately it just didn’t work out with Leigh in the way that we had hoped. As a band, Aliases has always been about moving forward, no matter what obstacles present themselves and are eagerly beginning the search for a new vocalist immediately.”

Basick Records have detailed any aspiring vocalists can try out for the vacant position:

“If you are interested in trying out to join the band, contact amanda@possessivemanagement.com to apply. The audition process will cover 4 stages as outlined below.

1. Vocal cover recorded for 2 tracks against backing tracks
2. Interview with Aliases’ management
3. Live close door performance with the band
4. Writing assessment

Applicants must register their interest by email by 28th January 2013.”

Touring: Aliases Playing This Weekend

Manchester tech metal mob Aliases who feature ex-SikTh guitarist Graham ‘Pin’ Pinney are playing 2 festival dates this Saturday and Sunday. Check below for full details on both dates:

A.N.T. (A Night of Tech): The All Dayer at The Dirty South
£5 entry
Also featuring The Machinist (last show), ExistImmortal, Karybdis, Broken Torment, Fall Against Fate, Tradjectory, I, The Writer, Bleeding Oath, Sentience of Eschaton, Animus Sadist, Devolver and Descension

Takedown 2012 at Southampton Uni
Tickets £22.50 (tickets need to be bought in advance from seetickets.com or ticketweb.co.uk)
Also featuring Skindred, Deaf Havana, Lower Than Atlantis, Canterbury, Don Broco, Bury Tomorrow, Bleed From Within, Heights, The Safety Fire, Feed The Rhino, Polar, The James Cleaver Quintet and Desolated

And here’s why you should be going:

Feature: Labels Worth Caring About

One of the easiest ways of discovering new UK rock and metal talent is to keep track of the people who are distributing the stuff. Keeping an eye on your favourite bands’ record labels can be an incredibly rewarding experience as you not only get the release dates for their upcoming records straight from the horse’s mouth, but you also get introduced to a bunch of similarly minded bands that may just satisfy your headbang craving. Here’s 3 of the UK’s best offerings for music of the loud and distorted variety:

Holy Roar Records


Holy Roar are a cracking label for the hardcore fan. The label has been consistent in signing up the UK’s best hardcore talent and releasing some great records to boot. There’s an awful lot of focus on packaging their releases in unique ways whether it be with gorgeous vinyl variants (splatter wax ahoy!) or working with companies like AC/DSleeve to make stunning pop-up packaging for releases like the Pariso/Kerouac Split 5” vinyl and credit card CD (yes, this is a real thing). Holy Roar is home to Crocus, Slabdragger, Brontide, Rosa Valle, Last Witness and many more that are all worth your time.

Basick Records

Basick have grown into the UK’s premiere metal label for everything prog and djent. If you like your tech then Basick have you covered. The label is home to an amazing roster of bands including Chimp Spanner, Aliases, Visions and The Arusha Accord among others. Basick are also partial to a massive sale from time to time so there’s always something tasty going for bargain bin prices in their online store. I would recommend my UK partycore heroes The Abner’s (RIP) Chinoiserie Lounge EP which is currently going for a mere quid.

In At The Deep End Records


In At The Deep End are probably my favourite UK label for music with balls. They have one of the most diverse band rosters with everything from doom metal to hardcore punk and metalcore littering their store. While they don’t release a lot of records very frequently, when they do it’s always of stunning quality. The Defiled released their debut EP ‘1888’ here, Feed the Rhino released their debut album ‘Mr Red Eye’ here and the mighty Bastions released one of the greatest hardcore albums ever here. The record I’m referring to is ‘Hospital Corners’ and it should be in the collection of any serious extreme music fan.

Show these labels some support and buy some records. Your country needs you!