Edinburgh-based, obnoxious noise-rock trio BRITNEY return for their third album; the aptly named BRITN3Y. If an album has ever had its music more accurately represented by its album cover (a screaming office drone who’s head is exploding) then I don’t really want to know.

BRITNEY’s sound is a violent crossbreed of bands like Down I Go and Let’s Talk Daggers. This is abrasive, thrashy, bass-lead rock with multiple, thick layers of terrifying screaming. This is not a particularly welcoming album, but it is a bizarrely enjoyable one.

BRITNEY sound like a band who are having fun and it’s impossible not to enjoy their frivolity. Songs unfold in a completely scattershot, written-in-about-10-minutes kind of way and it’s strangely engaging. The band are at their best when they’re powering through massive, fuzzy riffs and screaming a load of nonsense that at least sounds important. That’s the key to success, folks; sound like you care.

Where the record falls down is in its inconsistency. While the more aggressive, fast-paced tracks like Sneezefic, Witch Bucket and Neon Python contain all the fun, songs like Sleep Now, Dogman kill a lot of the pace thanks to the song mainly consisting of back-masked noise and retching. I’m all for a band being weird and unpredictable but not at the expense of flow. BRITN3Y has a really hard time finding its flow and its stuff like this that detracts from the overall experience.

Thankfully there are more positives than negatives. Tracks like Boss Moggy and I.I.A.H.S.W.E.S are wonderfully abstract and abrasive songs that showcase BRITNEY at their best. BRITNEY are a strange band who probably won’t click for a lot of people, but there’s definitely something very interesting and unique about them that will reward listeners who can power through their inconsistencies.


BRITNEY’s BRITN3Y is out now through Superstar Destroyer Records.


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