Review: Psython’s …Outputs

Outputs Front

Thrash punk outfit Psython have arrived in a terrifically scrappy fashion on their debut album …Outputs. Sounding more than a little like Send More Paramedics and Evile; Psython hit the ground running with one of the most instantly enjoyable metal albums I’ve heard in quite some time.

What instantly strikes you about Psython’s attitude is they’re clearly a band who like to have a good laugh. Opening with a track called Careless Whispers obviously evokes memories of that bloody George Michael song, but this is an absolute barnstormer of a thrash song. Fast-paced, aggressive, technically proficient and with a huge solo to boot, Psython know how to get your attention. Oh, and they finish the track off with the riff from Michael’s Careless Whisper; those cheeky scamps.

The speed of this record continues on an upwards trajectory with a series of absolute ragers that include Dave 1.1, Blunt and GBQ. This is all vastly enjoyable stuff with razor-sharp, galloping riffs that are bound to ignite some dangerous action in the pit. For a band so early into their career, Psython are surprisingly accomplished musicians.

Thankfully, Psython do see fit to change the pace of …Outputs around the halfway mark. When DNA rolls around, Psython decide to get their groove on for some slow-burning yet crushing stompers that showcase another side to Psython’s heaviness and it’s a welcome inclusion. It was obvious the band was going to have a hard time keeping up such a frantic pace, but this is a welcome shift in tone that manages to keep things heavy but gives the listener a breather at the same time.

The only detriment to this shift in pace is that it becomes apparent that Psython are a more exciting band when they’re going absolutely balls to the wall. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the slower tracks on …Outputs, but I just find myself having a more enjoyable time when it feels like I’m giving myself whiplash.

All in all, Psython have burst out the gates with a vicious slab of thrash-punk that will satisfy metal-heads and punk fans alike. …Outputs is a stupidly enjoyable debut from a band who you should definitely have on your radar.


Psython’s …Outputs is released on the 1st of April directly through the band on CD and digital download.


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