Review: Limb’s Terminal


Desert rockers Limb are not messing around with their sophomore album Terminal. The band only released their debut album last year and despite a change in drummers, they’ve powered into this new record and produced something really special.

What’s instantly recognisable about the Limb’s music is how much their song-writing has improved in such a short space of time. While elements of their self-titled debut could sometimes feel under-produced, Terminal sounds utterly monolithic in comparison.

After the short introduction of Three Snake Leaves we are treated to one of the best songs Limb have ever written in the form of Ghost Dance. Ghost Dance is the groovy riff-beast you expect all Limb songs to be, but this time there’s more melody in vocalist Rob Hoey’s voice and there’s a greater urgency to the music. Limb are done with messing around on this record and each song often starts with some of the best riffs hard rock has to offer.

This continues with the absolute barnstormer that is Micromegas. Bolstered by a chunky, Motorhead-like riff, this is an astoundingly massive sounding rock song that deserves to be heard by as many fans of heavy music as possible. The band’s dancey, sludgy grooves grab you by the throat, force you to head-bang before giving you a moment to gather yourself and then it’s back to the fun.

Fun is something we’ve spoken about a lot when referring to Limb as this is something all too rare in the sort of down-tuned, often po-faced sludge that the band deal in, but Terminal is still stuffed full of enjoyable, overblown silliness in the form of songs like Down By The Banks. Limb revel in their almost classic rock leanings and it’s a gleeful thing to be involved in.

Terminal is the natural continuation from Limb’s self-titled debut and it’s an infinitely more enjoyable and masterfully crafted slab of hard rock. The band haven’t rested on their laurels and continue to get better on every record they release. The pressure is certainly on for the next release, lads!


Limb’s Terminal is out now and available to purchase from Cargo Records.


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