Review: Maths’ The Fires Courting the Sea


It’s been 4 years since Maths last graced us with new music back with 2011’s Ascent EP. The post hardcore/screamo noiseniks took an extended break from music to catch up with personal matters but the three-piece are back with The Fires Courting the Sea, a 6 track mini-album that essentially carries on directly where the band left off.

Maths are still a delightfully weird prospect. The band mix angular guitar riffs with moments of melodious beauty that manage to ebb and flow in a bizarrely natural way. While we use labels like post hardcore and screamo to help define the band, there’s a youthful punk energy running through this record and most songs barely scrape the 2 minute mark.

But what really sets the band apart are those wonderful moments of introspective melody like the introduction to The Water is the Colour of the Sky which creates wonderful imagery of British coastline and fleeting romances, much like the record’s artwork. Despite the bands insistence of screaming everything they have to say with all the strength they can muster, there’s real beauty in Maths’ blend of melodic punk rock and that still helps them stand out from the crowd even to this day.

Speaking of screaming, the performances on this record sound like they physically hurt. The blistering pace of the guitar work sounds like fingertips are being shredded. The drumming is equally exhausting to listen to as the drum fills are utterly relentless in their speed. You’d shift some serious weight if you could learn and perform these songs. Yet somehow Maths manage to put forward a record that’s enormous in scope and it moves in such a satisfying way that when it rolls to a close it genuinely feels like you’ve taken an intense, snap-shot tour of the highs and lows of someone’s life.

Maths’ The Fires Courting the Sea is a phenomenal melodic punk record which manages to cram some of the most beautiful yet utterly pissed off music it can into its 10 minutes. Maths are still one of the UK underground’s most treasured acts and it would be sacrilege for any punk fan to skip on this record. You know what to do.


Maths’ The Fires Courting the Sea is out now through Tangled Talk Records. Order a copy on vinyl by clicking here.


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