Review: Kill the Silence’s Kill the Silence


Kill the Silence are a post hardcore band that sound like Bring Me The Horizon’s later, stadium rock work mixed with more radio-bothering, metalcore influences like those found of an album by The Defiled. Their debut self-titled EP sees the boys firmly setting their eyes on the big time.

The band’s post hardcore-meets-metalcore sound makes for some interesting song structures. The less heavy-handed, straight forward rock elements of the band’s music are generally accompanied with singing but this is often changed up for screaming when the guys decide to get their mosh on.

Sadly the band can’t get the two styles to meld naturally. Kill the Silence often sound better when their songs are more melodious and catchy but then they break the flow to add a beatdown or two for the sake of heaviness. Get Out! Get Out! suffers from this and songs like S.S.D.D. and Chapter II also manage to end in silly beatdown territory.

The real problem with the band’s music is how forgettable it all is. The vocals rarely stumble upon a memorable melody and considering the overdriven nature of the guitar work, the band never manages to drive home a massive riff. None of this is helped by the reliance on single-chord beatdowns which don’t add any melody anyway. The weak production doesn’t even give these moments any impact.

Kill the Silence are clearly attempting to find a sound that doesn’t just riff off someone else’s but they haven’t quite got the song-writing talent to make their music flow naturally through their anthemic rock stylings and into their own blend of macho metalcore. Kill the Silence end up being a very average and by-the-books exploration of heavy guitar music with barely any defining characteristics of their own.


Kill the Silence’s debut self-titled EP is out now and available to buy direct from the band.


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