Review: Artemis’ Nothing Left to See


The technical hardcore mob known as Artemis return for their third EP Nothing Left to See and it’s their most extensive to date. The band clearly draw from the Stallone/Palm Reader school of hardcore which means you’re in for a testing blend of razor-sharp, angular guitar work and emphatic, heart-on-sleeve vocals.

The proceedings kick off in an interesting fashion; opener I Am Alive features a relaxed guitar riff that allows the vocals to take centre stage. The highly-strung roar of the vocals is a massive draw on Nothing Left to See and Artemis really do sing it like they mean it.

When Dark Passenger rolls around then Artemis really begin to stretch their legs and break out the big guns in the process. This is Artemis at their best; riffs never outstay their welcome before they break into something new and the vocals tear through the scenery with their bile-ridden fury.

Sadly there are a few moments on Nothing Left to See where Artemis feel like they find their comfort zone and they’re less exciting to listen to as a result. When in Rome has very little in the way of any guitar riffs that help define the song and it becomes a pretty tiresome and forgettable experience. This is also the case for Sinking Ships which features a lot of atonal guitar work which is simply lacking in melody.

However, these are small complaints and the bigger picture of Artemis’ abilities is one that showcases a band full of passion and energy. Artemis’ Nothing Left to See has some amazing moments that are amongst hardcore’s best and despite a few occasions where the guitar spends too much time noodling around with passages that sound a bit lacking in melody, this is on the whole a pretty satisfying and punchy little hardcore EP. Artemis show promise and it’ll be interesting to see where they go next.


Artemis’ Nothing Left to See is out now and available to buy from Smithsfoodgroup DIY on limited edition cassette.


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