Review: All to Ruin’s Among Us


The last time we visited All to Ruin in 2013 they were churning out a by-the-books take on metalcore that reminded us of every metalcore band that’s ever had their time in the sun. Has anything changed for All to Ruin in 2015? No.

The latest EP by All to Ruin is entitled Among Us and if you’ve ever listened to Killswitch Engage or Trivium you’ll be in familiar territory. Killswitch Engage are definitely a stronger influence this time as the band have made a more conceited push towards guitar riffs that contain more melody and less “single-chord” abuse.

Where things generally go right for All to Ruin is with their choruses. The choruses on the EP are always full of stadium-sized vocal melodies and beautifully uplifting guitar riffs. All to Ruin definitely have a talent for structuring their songs to emphasise their choruses and it always feels like the song has reached a peak when the choruses roll around. Disconnect in particular has a chorus that sounds like a sea of metal fans would happily scream it back at the band if they were playing the main stage at Download. You can’t deny that All to Ruin have an absolutely massive sound for such a young band.

All to Ruin have definitely progressed as musicians and the lack of reliance on one-chord riffs and beatdowns means they now resemble some of metalcore’s finest and if you told me this EP was released on Roadrunner Records circa 2005 I would have a hard time arguing with you. There’s some fantastic guitar solos doing the rounds as well and songs like History are all the more better for their exemplary guitar work.

Unfortunately, there’s always a feeling of familiarity creeping into the band’s sound and it really hurts their music as a result. All to Ruin sound like Killswitch Engage, Trivium and Bullet for My Valentine and while it’s completely fine to wear your influences on your sleeve, All to Ruin have a difficult time offering anything that you could truly say was unique to them.

All to Ruin’s Among Us is a perfectly competent EP that actually manages to prove that metalcore is a respectable genre when it’s in the right hands. The melodies, choruses and sheer scale of the EP are wonderful to experience but the band simply doesn’t stand out. This style of music has been beaten into submission by an absolute torrent of similarly sounding bands and All to Ruin need to offer something else to stay relevant.


All to Ruin’s Among Us is released on the 27th of April 2015.


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