Review: Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters’ Earth Hog


I don’t usually like to refer to music as “stoner” because I think it’s quite a disparaging term that implies the music has no artistic merit, but when your band is called Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters I think it’s safe to say that you’re pretty happy with having your music referred to as “stoner”.

So this is the first mini album by Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters (referred to as Chubby from hereon), it’s called Earth Hog and it’s a beautiful blend of groovy stoner rock and Sabbath-esque heavy metal. The first thing you’ll notice about Earth Hog is that it rocks harder than a ten ton boulder crashing down an active volcano.

Riffs come thick and fast on Earth Hog and they’re drenched in snarling overdrive. The guitar is also bolstered by some superb, low-end basslines which might lead to some unfortunate trouser accidents. The record manages to rumble along at a fair old pace which is at odds with your usual stoner rock experience and it’s absolutely invigorating to hear.

What Chubby manage to do with each of the five songs on Earth Hog is staggering. They all kick off with a groove so massive it could shake a house to pieces and then they build into a more psychedelic and progressive affair but without meandering around with no purpose. Despite the songs averaging around five minutes a piece, each is a rollicking beast of a tune that is full of great melodies and they never outstay their welcome.

Earth Hog is such a wonderfully fat, chunky beast of a record. The grooves sway effortlessly throughout the entire album and the production job by Sam Thredder of Slabdragger fame is the sweet, little cherry on the top (albeit a massive, overripe one). There’s so much weight to this record and it suits the wonderful, riff-laden nature of Chubby’s music perfectly.

Earth Hog is an easy recommendation to make. If you’ve ever enjoyed a riff that might result in whiplash then Chubby have delivered an absolute haven of guitar wizardry. Earth Hog is loaded with some of the best grooves stoner rock has to offer and it’s one of the most satisfying debuts of any band.


Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters’ Earth Hog is out now. You can download it direct from the band by clicking here. A CD and cassette release is scheduled for March.


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