Review: DeadAudioSaints’ The Purge EP


DeadAudioSaints are a 4 piece hard rock band from Yorkshire who are big on riffs. Their music is also punctuated with an industrial flair giving them a sound which sits somewhere between Rob Zombie and Deathstars but with a much cleaner set of vocals courtesy of vocalist and keyboardist Danny Jones. The Purge EP is their first release and it’s a surprisingly accomplished slab of hard rock that pulls no punches.

It appears that DeadAudioSaints wrote The Purge EP as a studio project as they lacked a drummer at the time of recording. Despite this, the drums by Tyla-Joe Connett are well produced and feature all the power and impact you’d want from a record of this calibre. Bass duties have also been shared between Connett and Corey Jones who also plays guitar on the record and also shares synth duties with Jones. Now that’s a confusing combination but thankfully it all works on record.

The title track is a thunderous opener that is full of massive arena-bothering riffs and a chorus that will push a crowd into a frenzy. This is also complimented by the following track Tear Apart which has a glorious Marilyn Manson-esque stomp that would sound absolutely massive coming from a big stage.

The band’s music structure is mirrored across most of the EP but DeadAudioSaints change their style slightly to make the songs sound more unique. For example the title track has elements of industrial in it, Don’t Like You has an almost pop punk vibe going on and Taking Control has an opening riff that’s more metal than anything else on the EP. It’s wonderfully diverse stuff that all works well together.

Keeping everything cohesive is Jones who consistently delivers catchy chorus after chorus. He’s also no stranger to a satisfying scream especially during the band’s middle-eights. Jones sounds like he’s enjoying every second of the band’s music and his performance is full of gusto.

The band is a considerably better outfit when their music is full of energy which is made more apparent when things slow down for The Game. While the track still contains a huge riff, the slower nature of the song doesn’t create the same explosiveness as the band’s higher tempo tracks. Jones’ sugary vocals also make the song feel more like a ballad which doesn’t excite in nearly the same way the proceeding songs do.

Regardless, DeadAudioSaints have burst out the gates with a rocking EP that is full of massive riffs and choruses. The Purge EP is the beginnings of an exciting band who sound hungry for big things and with music this well written they deserve to reach those heights.


DeadAudioSaints’ The Purge EP is out now and available to buy digitally from iTunes.


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