Review: Megalodoom’s Tectonic Oblivion


When I discovered that Megalodoom were an instrumental doom band I simply couldn’t fathom how the band were going to catch my attention for an entire record without any vocals. Doom metal is traditionally slow-paced and a single riff can be drawn out for an entire song so without anything going on in the vocal department I was instantly sceptical of how the band were going to keep things interesting. Thankfully my preconceptions have been knocked for six because Megalodoom have a lot more to their music than what you’d normally expect from a doom band.

At only four songs long, Megalodoom’s second EP Tectonic Oblivion manages to total a healthy 26 minutes of punishing heaviness and it never gets boring for the entire duration. Tectonic Oblivion never rests on one riff for too long and manages to cram every song with as many intertwining melodies as possible. What Megalodoom achieve so well is making all these melodies fit flawlessly together and every song on the EP progresses in a natural fashion that’s extremely satisfying to listen to.

Megalodoom are also rather brilliant at texturing their music with a clever use of various guitar effects like in the lovely, atmospheric introduction to Polar Vortex. Even when the song kicks into gear the whole piece is given a wonderful, spacey quality thanks to the incessant use of phaser. It all sounds very other-worldly, like the soundtrack to a secret, underground civilisation of mosh greebos.

The band also manage to draw influences from desert rock which is instantly apparent from the opening riff to Amp Woe which is a song that the mighty Kyuss would be proud of. Once again it’s not too long before another beast of a riff follows and the band even manage to step things up a little with a subtle but effective tempo change. This is wonderfully progressive stuff with the slower pace allowing you to appreciate it all at a palatable speed.

Rounding the EP out is the beautiful production that smothers everything in a lovely dose of bass whilst also sounding like the band are playing the music in the middle of the outback. Tectonic Oblivion is certainly a very big sounding EP title and it does a perfect job of describing how utterly enormous it all sounds. What’s even more impressive is the band have recorded, mixed and mastered this EP themselves making this a truly DIY effort. If you’re playing doom metal and looking to record then I think you better be giving the Megalodoom boys and gal a ring.

Megalodoom’s Tectonic Oblivion is a thunderous beast of an EP that manages to escape the potential boredom that their lack of vocals could have caused. The band have put together a hugely satisfying selection of riffs and melodies that tie together beautifully and create a behemoth of an EP that doom fans should be clawing over themselves to own.


Megalodoom’s Tectonic Oblivion EP is available to download from Witch Hunter Records right now.


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