News: Final Issue of A Short Fanzine About Rocking Out Now


A Short Fanzine About Rocking is sadly coming to an end with its final edition. The 38th issue of the long-running underground music fanzine is available to purchase from ASFAR’s Big Cartel for a measley £2 and contains interviews with Comeback Kid, Bane, Brutality Will Prevail, More Than Life, Modern Baseball, King Nine, Malevolence, Forsaken, War Charge, Losing Sleep and To The Wind.

You can order a copy by clicking here. Postage is only an additional £1.10 for UK orders.

UK Scumscene wishes everyone involved in the production of ASFAR all the best. It’s a shame that the UK has lost such a consistent and established music publication because print media will always hold a special place in our hearts.


About Lewis Clark

Long time fan of rock and metal, webmaster and lead writer at UK Scumscene. Occasional co-host of Catbird's Sunday Roasting on, 12pm to 3pm every Sunday View all posts by Lewis Clark

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