Review: TEEF’s Demo

TEEF make a rather brilliant, lairy form of hardcore punk that takes cues from power violence to form a right oiky racket that will be bothering your neighbours in no time. The band hail from Brighton and deliver their first release in the form of an 8 track demo with songs no longer than a minute in length.

For a demo release TEEF are certainly sounding pretty accomplished so early into their career. The production work is exemplary throughout and gives the crusty, filthy nature of their music a lovely raw edge that is always clear despite the aggressive nature of the music.

With this being a purely screamed affair, the band use their guitar work to bring all the melody to their songs which is executed masterfully. Every song features a satisfyingly chunky riff that bounces along in harmony with the drums to create an atmosphere that will make the calmest individual want to tear heads off and kick them around a mosh pit. There’s nothing quite like a nice bit of mosh-punk and TEEF have certainly got you covered on this release.

A real highlight comes in the form of ‘Regret’ which includes my favourite lyric on the whole demo thanks to the no-nonsense writing from Lloyd Denman (it includes the words “fucking” and “wanker”). What the song does so well is marry classic punk guitar work with a more modern metal stomp. It’s just so wonderfully gratifying to listen that you can’t help but listen with a big, creepy grin on your face. However you might be punching the wall at the same time.

The only real negative we can throw at TEEF is that outside some black metal blast-beats, the band aren’t really doing anything original. This is a bit of a null point though because punk is rarely known for its forward-thinking ideas and unique concepts, but certain listeners might want a little more from the band than what’s on offer.

Regardless, TEEF make an absolute racket and they deliver it in such an entertaining way that you’ll want to start mosh-pits with whoever you can find on the street. Even though their debut release doesn’t even make it to 7 minutes you’ll have a hard time finding something so satisfactory and barbaric. TEEF have delivered a visceral slab of hardcore that absolutely hits the spot and I hope to see more of their work appearing on as many underground punk splits as possible.


TEEF’s debut demo is available to download at a pay-what-you-want price now. It can also be grabbed on a limited edition gold cassette from Headless Guru Records.


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