Year End: The 10 Best EPs of 2013 Part 2


Before we start our list of the 10 best EPs of 2013, please remember that this list was decided by one person and therefore represents the opinions of one person. This will likely not reflect your own opinion but that’s okay; there’s room for more than one opinion in this crazy world of ours and your’s is just as valid. As per the theme of UK Scumscene, this list also contains releases by UK bands ONLY. Okay then, let’s get this show on the road:

5) Confine – Setting Fire to the Western Hemisphere


What we said:

“Setting Fire to the Western Hemisphere is a like a wet dream for grindcore fans. Confine have managed to put together a fearsome, devastating slab of extremity that is bolstered by brilliant riffs, unbelievable drumming and some of the best arranged screaming on any metal record. Some actual thought went into this release; how often to you get to say that about a grindcore record?”

Read the full review by clicking here.

4) Cactus&Cardigan – Gag Reflex


Cactus&Cardigan are a band that shouldn’t be shrugged off for taking on a humorous persona. Yes, this EP does have songs called ‘Smegma’ and ‘George Michael Cums Cobwebs’, but what Cactus&Cardigan excel at is making heavy noise-rock stuffed full of Earth-shattering riffs that won’t leave you. Despite being a band who exclusively use harsh vocals, they also manage to make every song on ‘Gag Reflex’ sound extremely memorable and the daft nature of the lyrics actually adds a lot of charm to the record. If anything Cactus&Cardigan sound like they had the time of their life making this EP and it’s been a staple of my listening in 2013.

3) Esoteric Youth – The Burden of Living


What we said:

“Regardless, this is a minor complaint on what is one of the most furious metal releases I’ve heard in some time. At the moment, Esoteric Youth are the kings of UK blackened hardcore and The Burden of Living solidifies their position as one of the country’s most important heavy bands. This EP is undoubtedly the best release by the band so far and I’d hate to be in their position now because this is the watermark that will be held against everything they do from here on in. Congratulations and good luck guys.”

Read the full review by clicking here.

2) Old Skin – MÆRE


What we said:

“Old Skin might be a fresh face but ‘MÆRE’ showcases a level of talent and song-writing that is heads and shoulders above their peers. This EP is a master-class in how to create a haunting atmosphere without losing any of the impact that heavy music delivers. Old Skin have delivered a thought-provoking first release that has to be one of the best débuts of any band.”

Read the full review by clicking here.

1) Press to Meco – Affinity


Press to Meco’s ‘Affinity’ is an EP that everyone needs to own. It’s quite simply the most original-sounding record I heard all year and the 3 lads from Croydon should be honoured to have created such incredible, genre-melding yet superbly catchy rock music.

What we said:

“It’s becoming far too difficult to find the words to say how important Press to Meco’s Affinity is. The band manage to blend progressive metal and post hardcore with an unsettling ease and make one of the most amazing experiences to come out of the UK heavy music scene in a very long time. Affinity is a brilliant rock record that you’ll seriously regret not jumping at when this band launch stratospheric. Buy this EP.”

Read the full review by clicking here.


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