Review: MINE’s Disappear


Post hardcore meets alt rock band MINE are back with their 2nd EP ‘Disappear’ which once again delves into a world of atmospheric and emotional rock music delivered with a tonne of energy. If there was any worry that MINE were a one trick pony then ‘Disappear’ swats away any naysayers with the flick of a wrist.

Before we tackle the meat of MINE’s new EP we’re going to have to say a few words about the opening track ‘Stand Up Straight and Let Me Take a Look at You’. This song has become a bit of a sticking point for me as it sits rather uneasily against the rest of the EP and it’s all down to the choice of production. The thing with ‘Stand Up Straight…’ is it has purposely been given a muted and flat quality to act as an introduction to the EP. The unfortunate effect this has is that it makes the song sound like it was unmastered and almost comes across as more of a demo. This is accentuated even further when ‘Penknife’ bursts out of the doors. ‘Penknife’ is mastered completely differently and is much brighter and powerful in scope. Unfortunately this gives the EP a bit of an awkward introduction which doesn’t do ‘Stand Up Straight…’ the justice it deserves. The song itself is a tumultuous piece of alt rock with a stunning melody and some brilliant use of the quiet/loud dynamic.

The rest of the EP proves to be a stunning improvement over MINE’s debut self titled EP. The big change comes in the form of the guitar work which is now much sharper. The band have shied away from heavily distorting the guitar tone and the phaser effect that was so heavily employed on the debut EP is completely dumped in favour of allowing the listener to appreciate more of the instrumentation.

Speaking of instrumentation, MINE are on absolutely top form here. Songs wildly fluctuate between punk rock riffing with raucous drumming to constrained and delicate sections of clean guitar work. These sections create some brilliant contrast against vocalist Chris Barling’s howling scream and form the majority of MINE’s signature sound.

Despite an awkward opening, MINE have delivered a spectacular follow-up that proves there’s a lot more to this band than was previously explored. The band have an almost freeform writing style that makes the songs wonderfully progressive and interesting to listen to which is rare in a genre like hardcore punk. The title track alone rarely revisits melodies and continues to build and expand as it progresses. MINE are destined for great things and it’ll be intriguing to hear where they go from here.


MINE’s Disappear EP will be released on the 30th of September. It is available to pre-order on cassette from Cult Culture and vinyl from Holy Roar Records.


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