Review: Grand Collapse’s Grand Collapse


Grand Collapse are 4 guys from Cardiff who make punk rock. That’s a suitably humble beginning for any future punk rock stars and with their debut self-titled EP there’s no doubt that Grand Collapse have a bright future. Grand Collapse belong to a re-emerging group of no-nonsense punk music that gets straight to the point and delivers fast-paced riffing made for a good mosh pit two-step.

However, that would be doing Grand Collapse a major disservice because as the title track proves there is more than just flat out rocking to this band’s sound. ‘Grand Collapse’ is a wonderfully layered punk rock anthem full of outstanding guitar work that is hugely memorable and incredibly versatile. While the song begins with a thrashy hardcore punk riff, it soon develops into a more restrained and thoughtful section which flows beautifully with the intensity of the rest of the song. This section in particular brings to mind bands like The Offspring before it launches back into the almost Gnarwolves-style intensity of its main thrash-punk riff after vocalist Calvin Sewell blurts, “it’s about fucking time!”

Speaking of vocals, Grand Collapse use guitarist Jon Powell to deliver their melody while Sewell delivers his vocals with a raspy grunt that adds more power to the music. Sewell’s harsh vocals don’t detract from the quite frankly unforgettable melodies and are used similarly to the drums in that they add even more punch and vigour to the band’s sound. Grand Collapse have absolutely mastered the formula to great punk music and this is only their first release.

The band even go a step further and up the energy for EP closer ‘Ailment (No Cure)’ which manages to bring to mind Trash Talk at their most furious. The song clocks in just under two minutes and savagely beats you with an impressive display of thrash-punk riffing and drumming that sounds absolutely out of control.

There’s no two ways about this; Grand Collapse are your new favourite punk band. These eight and a half minutes showcase a band who know exactly how to make memorable punk music and deliver it with enough raw energy and emotion to make buildings shake. Now if only the band had more than three songs to their name… *nudge nudge wink wink*


Grand Collapse’s self titled debut EP is available now and is available at a pay-what-you-want price direct from the band.


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