News: Ol Drake Leaves Evile

Ol Drake first from left.

In what has to be one of the biggest downers ever, Ol Drake has decided to leave Evile. As lead guitarist, Ol Drake has helped mould Evile’s sound into something that is truly unique and helped the band stand out as something more than just a thrash-revival band.

The reason for Drake’s departure is an honest and simple one and one that many a touring band in this day and age can relate to:

“I’ve reached a point where I want a family/kids, a house, a steady and definite income and everything in between, and in regard to my personal preferences, a touring band’s income and uncertainties, in the state that I feel they would continue to be in, has become incompatible with how I feel and what I want/need.

There is no animosity between the rest of the band and I. This is purely a personal and financial decision I’ve been mulling over for a while and I wish them all the best for the future.”

It would appear that Evile are planning to continue without Drake but no announcement has been made as to who will replace him. UK Scumscene wishes both Ol Drake and Evile all the best for the future.

[Source: Blabbermouth]


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