Review: Die No More’s Blueprint

Oh boy. Right, let’s address the elephant in the room; Die No More like Metallica. A lot. They also like the “Rock-tallica” era of the band’s career as well. I’m telling you this because Die No More’s Blueprint EP takes so many cues from everything Metallica have done since The Black Album that I dare say the band are ripping them off.

I don’t want to label a band a straight rip-off and Die No More could’ve gotten away with simply being a decent heavy metal band, but vocalist and rhythm guitarist Marc Farquhar adds some rather Hetfield-esque inflections to his vocals and it means his band aren’t going to escape the Metallica comparison any time soon. Nightmares is so painfully close to Metallica’s signature sound (just listen to those woahs) that you could easily mistake it for a Metallica b-side.

This is a massive shame as well because Die No More have chops. The songs on Blueprint are full of great riffs and melodies that showcase the band’s superb song writing. The real shining light comes in the form of lead guitarist Kev Smith who pulls off some incredible solos. My jaw was on the floor when the Council of War solo kicked into gear. Mr Smith is an extremely talented guitarist who I can see making a big name for himself in the future. Watch this space.

But as mentioned before, Die No More sound far too close to the band they’re clearly the most influenced by. Everyone likes to pay tribute to their heroes but Die No More are just too close in style to Metallica to justify being a different band. There isn’t much the band need to do in order to differentiate themselves either. If Farquhar just tweaked his vocals in a way that made him sound more like himself then Die No More would instantly avoid the Metallica comparison, but as the band are now they simply won’t avoid being labelled a rip-off and that’s a damn shame as Blueprint showcases a huge amount of potential.


Die No More’s Blueprint EP is released digitally on the 9th of September.

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