Review: All to Ruin’s Parables

I am perplexed as to how metalcore has managed to have so much mileage. Isn’t everyone sick of double bass drumming, one-chord guitar work and vocals which are screamed in the verses and sung in the choruses? Didn’t Killswitch Engage and Bullet For My Valentine and Bring Me The Horizon and 36 Crazyfists and As I Lay Dying and the hundreds upon hundreds of metalcore bands that have been and gone over the last 15 years or so already satisfy everyone that cares about this genre?

Enter All to Ruin who make metalcore with double bass drumming and one-chord guitar work and have verses with screamy bits and choruses with sung bits. Sigh. The thing with metalcore is we’ve all heard this style of music done so many times before with varying degrees of success, so if you’re a metalcore band in this day and age then you better have something memorable to your name or you’ll end up trampled under the feet of every easily distracted music fan looking for the “next big thing”.

So what about All to Ruin’s Parables EP then? Surprisingly it almost delivers a memorable metalcore release that fans of the genre will enjoy, but there’s no denying it doesn’t suffer from sounding like something we’ve all heard before in an incredibly over-saturated market.

The big pull on this EP is the vocal work from Aaron Roberts which is extremely powerful. The man has a great set of pipes on him that helps deliver some massive choruses and his screaming is natural and flows into the sung sections effortlessly.

The guitar work actually delivers a few surprises as well. The leads are impressively melodic and their delivery is nothing but exemplary throughout. The King is Dead brings the strongest lead with it and it’s a stunning performance that the band should be hugely proud of.

All to Ruin’s Parables is a decent slab of metalcore loaded with big choruses. It’s also an EP that can’t escape the confines of a genre that is predictable and overpopulated. There’s plenty of talent in the All to Ruin camp, but they really need to break out of metalcore shackles and explore some new ideas if they want to be identified as themselves and not just another Killswitch Engage.


All to Ruin’s Parables EP is released digitally on the 23rd of September.


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One response to “Review: All to Ruin’s Parables

  • Christopher Phillips

    All To Ruin metalcore? Seen them live a few times, definitely not “metalcore”… 95% sung, the drummer screamed like 6 words for the entire set? I’ve been awaiting the EP for a long time, I refuse to believe its a 5/10… More established review sites have given it 8 and up!

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