Review: All She Wrote’s Riven

All She Wrote are a four piece metalcore/emo crossover act who sound like A Day to Remember and Asking Alexandria. This is the band’s first EP ‘Riven’ and it sounds like A Day to Remember and Asking Alexandra. What fun.

Let’s not beat around the bush with this one; All She Wrote have made an extremely polished EP here, but it lacks passion. The whole record sounds like it was phoned in with everyone doing an admirable job, but that’s it. There’s no crunch to the guitar work, the vocals float around in that inoffensive mid range and the drumming is so overproduced that it sounds like a drum machine.

There’s some decent work here with some great leads appearing on the title track and the whole thing opens with a beautifully dramatic introduction that sounds like it was plucked straight from a Hollywood film trailer. It’s just a shame that the band really don’t sound like they particularly care. There aren’t any melodies that wriggle their way into your psyche and vocalist/guitarist Connor Crooks just doesn’t sing like he means it.

The big issue comes in the guitar department. While the music is perfectly acceptable, the bass is too low to give anything a proper impact and the guitar often gets buried behind the double bass drumming like on Weathered. If a little more effort was put into the production work on Riven the band could have sounded enormous, but unfortunately the whole EP comes across as a little flat.

All She Wrote are a really difficult band to write about because they’re unfortunately a bit bland. These four men aren’t having any trouble making music and Riven is quite a tight sounding release, but it’s also unremarkable and unimaginative. All She Wrote lack the intensity of a band that perform with conviction and unless they address this on future releases they’re going to fall into obscurity.


All She Wrote’s Riven is out now and available to buy from iTunes.


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