Review: Let It Die/Monolithian Split

Metallic hardcore mob Let It Die and doom metallers Monolithian might seem like an odd pairing for a split release, but it actually becomes very apparent as to why these bands have teamed up. What you get with this split is two sides of brilliantly diverse metal that compliment each other surprisingly well.


Let It Die are just getting more and more ferocious with every release. Their metallic hardcore is now taking elements from black metal and power violence to create a relentless attack that is punctuated with savage breakdowns and even the odd slab of doom like on the lead track Boredom/Inertia.

Let It Die’s side of the split only comes in at five and a half minutes, but it packs in a smorgasbord of metal influences and mashes them together into this unwieldy but hugely enjoyable blast of pure aggression. Second track Torture is probably the most extreme thing the band have put to record and it fidgets, twists and jolts like a secondary school student electrocuting a frog (that would make a pretty good music video lads. I won’t charge). Let It Die are on top form here and it’s amazing to witness.



Monolithian’s doom leanings means they can only fit a single song on their side of the split but luckily it shows the band at their best. Emaciate/Euthanise begins with the usual doom lurch that you expect from the band but it doesn’t take too long before the band put their foot to the floor for a brilliant section of punky rhythms and blast-beats.

It’s still baffling to think that a sound this huge is coming from only 2 people but Monolithian have found their style and absolutely mastered it. The band offer some hugely catchy grooves to get your ears around and do it all with a single, yet heavily distorted bass guitar. If I was in a band with a multiple guitarists and I wasn’t getting a sound as big as Monolithian’s then I’d seriously have to consider not bothering.


Let It Die and Monolithian’s split seven-inch is a savage showcase of two of the best UK underground metal bands and they’re on brilliant form. With songs like this, both bands won’t be playing the toilet circuit for much longer so you better get on board before you miss your opportunity. This is an essential addition to any metal fan’s collection.

Thanks to Tight to the Nail for the stream.

Let It Die and Monolithian’s split is available to pre-order from Moshtache Records on heavyweight, 70g, black, seven-inch vinyl now.


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