Interview: Monolithian

Welcome back to Double Cross, our regular feature on bands in the UK heavy music scene with female members. In this edition we speak to Simon Walker from Monolithian.

We are Monolithian. We are a 2 piece blackened doom band from Falmouth in Cornwall. We consist of Simon Walker (bass and vocals) and Shannon Green (drums).

What introduced you to doom metal?

I (Si) was introduced to doom metal through stoner rock and stoner metal, discovering new and heavier bands all the time. I started listening to Sleep, Electric Wizard and Bongzilla. It went on from there. Shannon was introduced to doom metal through me as at the time she was listening to mostly black metal and death metal.

What’s your proudest musical achievement in Monolithian to date?

Playing with bands such as Big Business, Unsane, Orange Goblin and Annal Nathrakh have been massive honours for us, also the release of our first 12″ vinyl was a trip. The fact that so many people from different musical groups have welcomed us also makes us feel very proud and privileged.

2013 has been a big year for you. You seem to be pumping out new music at a rate of knots with the One/Zero 12″, the split with Ed Wood, another split with Let It Die and then a covers EP. Why so many releases?

It’s all a big fluke really. The One EP has been out for nearly 2 years and Zero was recorded a year ago. It’s just taken this long to finally get it re-mastered and released properly. We originally had a split planned with Witch Cult but during the writing process for the WxCx split we were approached by Ed Wood, so we just recorded a bit more and started organizing a split with them whilst WxCx sorted out there side of the other split. During this time they broke up and Let It Die jumped on board to take their place. It all happened very quickly, which is why we have two 7″s and a 12″ released within 3 months of each other. It’s all a fluke. As for the covers EP, me and Shannon have always wanted to do something to help people who have become homeless and we thought this would be a cool way to raise some money for a local homeless charity and spin some people out by recording cover versions of songs people might not expect.

Is there a reason why you’ve decided to focus on hardcore bands to collaborate with on your splits? Why not other doom bands?

Down in Cornwall there is an extreme metal scene and there is a hardcore scene. Though we do play metal shows we have always been more welcomed by the hardcore/punk scene. Me and Shannon would both consider ourselves more like punks then metal heads. It’s just the extremity of the Monolithian sound would make people think other wise. As a band we share the same views, beliefs and moral values of other hardcore and punk bands in the underground scene, so I think this is why we gravitate towards them and vice-versa. We would love to do a split with another doom/sludge/black metal band but as of right now we haven’t been approached. Only time will tell.

What bands that you’ve either played with or admire that you would recommend to our readers?

We recommend that everybody listen to: War Wolf, F. Emasculata, Ed Wood, Let It Die, Nu Pogodi, 2 Sick Monkeys, Swinelord, Razoreater, Iced Out, The Wounded Kings, Ice Dragon, Crypt Lurker, Sea Bastard, Beartrap, Black Veins, Esoteric Youth, Pine Barrens, Spider Kitten, Brotherhood of the Lake and Grand Collapse. There are many more we could mention but I think this will do for now.

What’s coming up next in the Monolithian pipeline?

We are hoping to book some kind of tour that’s more than a couple of days. There are so many places in the UK and Europe where I know people would like us to come, but it’s been hard for us to travel so hopefully we will sort something out. We’re going to focus on writing a full length release that will blow everything we have done in the past out of the water. We have shows coming up with Eyehategod as well as Leopalooza Festival and Dirty Weekend Festival in Wrexham where we get to play with bands such as Oi Polloi and Extreme Noise Terror. We’re just going to try and play more and release more music.

What’s the best way for people to keep up-to-date with Monolithian updates and news?

Pretty much just check us out on We don’t do that Twitter bullshit.

Thanks for chatting with us! Hail Satan, play loud and slow, go vegan.


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