Review: Confine’s Setting Fire to the Western Hemisphere

Confine are an ungodly amalgamation of the UK’s finest extreme metal musicians. The band feature Zac Broughton from Oblivionized, Edd Robinson from Human Cull and Disfortune, Rich Speakman from The Afternoon Gentleman and Gets Worse, and Chris Reese from Corrupt Moral Altar and HorseBastard.

Putting these 4 men in a room together has resulted in Confine and their debut EP, Setting Fire to the Western Hemisphere. It’s also resulted in a record so heavy it sounds like a freight train crashing through a series of grade A listed buildings. It’s quite remarkable how unforgiving this 8 track collection of blackened grindcore is and it’s all over and done with in just over 7 minutes. Hold onto your butts!

Each song on Setting Fire… clocks in at about 50 seconds and displays a melange of blast beats, guitar noise and screaming. It’s quite astonishing that the sheer brutality of this release is actually enjoyable. A huge amount of focus has been put into making memorable riffs which gives the songs a decent hook. It’s this much needed element that gives the listener something to focus on and in turn a decent melody to head-bang to.

The mix is incredibly drum-centric and Speakman’s playing is absolutely furious. The bass drum sounds like someone is striking it with a wet ball of socks and when the blast beats are unleashed it’s an almost euphoric display of brutality.

A special mention has to go to Reese who does a fantastic job of punctuating the songs with precision placed screams instead of just yammering over everything with no structure. Too many screamers randomly scatter their vocals over their band’s music and not enough think about exactly where to put them for the most devastating effect. Thankfully, Reese falls into the latter category.

Setting Fire to the Western Hemisphere is a like a wet dream for grindcore fans. Confine have managed to put together a fearsome, devastating slab of extremity that is bolstered by brilliant riffs, unbelievable drumming and some of the best arranged screaming on any metal record. Some actual thought went into this release; how often to you get to say that about a grindcore record?


Confine’s Setting Fire to the Western Hemisphere is available to pre-order from Witch Hunter Records now.


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