Live Review: Alcopopalooza V at The Windmill, Brixton 06/07/2013

The Strong Silent Type

The Strong Silent Type is the solo project of Michael Williams (ex Jumping Ships). Williams kicked the day off brilliantly and his vocal performance was one of the strongest I experienced. Williams never hit a bum-note and showcased an impressive range which was put to good use with his catchy melodies. His personality also helped and offered onlookers a welcoming and easy-going atmosphere in which to enjoy his music.

Oui Legionnaires

Next up were two members from Oui Legionnaires playing a considerably stripped back set as opposed to their full band shows. This set only featured guitar and vocals with a small smattering of xylophone thrown in for good measure. Oui Legionnaires’ set suffered from mumbled, shoegazey vocals which were difficult to hear and didn’t offer any meaty hooks. The lead guitarist offered up some nice melodies and the band’s vocals were considerably better when both men sung together.


Dexy is the lead vocalist and guitarist from Sweetheart Contract and today he performed a solo set of Sweetheart Contract songs and a cheeky cover of Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen. It was a bit surprising to hear how high Dexy’s pitch was when he started singing, but he delivered his sugary vocals perfectly and was one of the most entertaining solo artists to watch all day simply because his personality and sense of humour shone throughout his set.

Katie Malco

Katie Malco was unfortunately stuck with the lunch-time slot which meant she ended up delivering a distracted performance which felt like she was rushing unnecessarily. Malco’s music is extremely delicate and her beautiful, forlorn vocals lost a lot of their impact when catering started serving food throughout her performance. Thankfully her talent was still on display, just not at its’ usual high standard.

Freeze the Atlantic

Freeze the Atlantic’s set was struck with a horrible case of bad luck as vocalist Liv Puente got stranded in heavy traffic on the way to the venue. Instead of cancelling their performance, Andy Gilmour and Tom Stevens shared vocal duties and soldiered on. The band performed admirably and it was clear they had riffs and chorus’ to spare, but it was unfortunately obvious that the vocals were not rehearsed. There also appeared to be some sound issues which resulted in a repeated crackling sound and the sound guys just couldn’t seem to stop turning the mics up and down with wild abandon.


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