Do Not Enter Wraiths’ Make a Scene Festival Competition UPDATED


The organisers of Make a Scene Festival have been kind enough to comment on the situation and confirm that “everything is under control” and Wraiths were just posturing.


On Sunday the 7th of July Wraiths will play at Make a Scene Festival. The band are running a competition. Here’s the details direct from the band:

“We’re holding a competition at MAKE A SCENE FESTIVAL, the winners will get one of our ‘Ouija Board’ white tshirts. There are two up for grabs.

All you have to do is the following:

*Be the first person to bleed during our set
*Be the first person to make someone bleed during our set.

This is a legit competition, fuck yourselves up. We’re filming for our new music video.”

The band have continued to share these sentiments with the status that reads: “START A FUCKING RIOT. CAUSE FUCKING CHAOS. WE DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR SAFETY.”

I’d like to think the band are saying these things in jest and are simply playing up the daft, metal stereotype. However, the band have clearly stated that this is a “legit competition”. Therefore I would like to share some small issues I have with this situation:

1) This is illegal. What the band are doing is an incitement of violence which is illegal in the UK. People have been jailed for this sort of behaviour.
2) Heavy music obviously commands different behaviour at concerts and we all know that moshing is a staple of rock and metal shows. However Wraiths should be taking an active role in making sure their audience is safe, not injuring each other. If you’re on a stage and in the public eye you have a responsibility to share a positive message with your audience and keep them safe. Terrible things have happened in the past when band’s don’t take this responsibility.

To all Make a Scene Festival attendees: BE SAFE. Enjoy heavy music and continue to support live music, but don’t turn this environment into a dangerous place where people could be injured. Support your fellow heavy music fans and always remember that if someone falls in the pit then the priority is to PICK THEM UP.


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