Review: Classically Handsome Brutes’ Somethingsaurus

Classically Handsome Brutes are one of those bands that give me a headache because they’re so bloody difficult to categorise. This is obviously not a bad thing, but it does mean I’m now going to have to use a ridiculous analogy to give you some idea what they sound like. Think Biffy Clyro’s first 3 albums mixed with Charger and Pulled Apart by Horses and you might be in the right ball park… I hope.

So this is Classically Handsome Brutes’ debut EP Somethingsaurus and it’s a pretty mental blend of alternative rock, sludge metal and hardcore. The band should definitely be commended for finding a sound that’s incredibly unique, but does it work?

Well yes and no. There is nothing particularly wrong with the Brutes’ down-tuned rhythms and angular songs, but they don’t have anything hugely memorable to draw you in. Somethingzilla and its’ weirdo riff is about the only thing that lingered in my head once the EP drew to a close. The guitar work on both Concrete Kraken and Poachers was all a bit of a sludgy blur which is a damn shame because the mix clearly favours the guitar with the drums simply providing a distant rhythm.

The vocals also lack a lot of structure and generally feel like screaming for screaming’s sake. There aren’t any big hooks on Somethingsaurus which is a massive oversight by the band because they hint at a big chorus on Concrete Kraken with the repeated line “so throw a stone if you think you’re hard enough” but the delivery is weak and like most of the vocals on the EP a bit lacking.

Classically Handsome Brutes are definitely onto something interesting with Somethingsaurus and the band have unearthed a sound which they can truly lay claim to their own. Unfortunately, the band need to work on their song writing for future releases so their listeners can get their ears round a good riff or vocal hook. Without these elements the songs blend into each other and sadly leave us with a unique yet forgettable experience.


Classically Handsome Brutes’ Somethingsaurus is available to download now at a pay-what-you-what price directly from the band’s Bandcamp.


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