Review: Burt Ward’s I Hope All Your Friends Die

Burt Ward are 4 angry dudes from Fife who make crusty punk in the style of No Fun, Cleavers and Trash Talk. Their 7 track EP I Hope All Your Friends Die is a scrappy, hate-filled blast of aggression that relies on the duel-vocal screaming of Matt and Yan to deliver the rage. This is not a record that pulls punches.

Sadly there’s a major problem with the EP that becomes apparent very quickly though; the band don’t have enough variety in their arsenal to keep things interesting. As the EP rumbles to a close you’d have a hard time distinguishing specific songs because despite a few tempo changes, everything is far too similar.

Another issue is that most songs take a excerpt from movies and television to kick them into gear and you can’t help but feel that this technique simply acts as padding considering the songs are generally around the 40 second mark in length. These dialogue clips are becoming more and more of a trend among hardcore punk bands and in Burt Ward’s case it doesn’t add much outside some small amusement.

The real shame on I Hope All Your Friends Die is that guitarists Barry and Mikey are extremely low in the mix and don’t supply the impact you’d expect from a release this abrasive. Skelf and Replica both contain guitar solos which could have helped the songs pop if it wasn’t for the fact you can barely hear them.

Burt Ward are an unfortunate casualty of the need to play as hard and fast as possible. The band lack focus and this makes their EP difficult to enjoy. With more consideration put into giving the listener something more memorable to get their head round and more attention paid to the mix, Burt Ward could be a serious force in heavy music and turn around a record with as much impact as something like Full of Hell manage.


Burt Ward’s I Hope All Your Friends Die is available as a free download from Made in the Meth Lab Records.


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