Review: Polar’s Inspire Create Destory

UK hardcore luminaries Polar are back with Inspire Create Destroy; another slab of bruising, metallic punk that is being bizarrely released through Bring Me The Horizon’s clothing line Drop Dead. The band make the sort of noisy screamo that bands like Your Demise and While She Sleeps have been so successful with and Inspire Create Destroy delivers 3 songs in this no nonsense style.

Polar do a wonderful job of sounding utterly vicious and perform with enough conviction to allow this EP to be enjoyable on delivery alone. Adam’s raspy vocals sound like he’s going to blow his vocal chords out at any moment (for better or for worse) and you cannot deny he’s a front-man that means every last word.

Vocally, the EP really excels with its’ final track Destroy which features the EP’s only “sung” sections. These moments give the song a huge hook to sink your teeth into and you can really hear the song being bellowed by a room full of fans.

Unfortunately, these moments are few and far between and the whole experience generally just feels like it’s going through the motions. Inspire Create Destory is an adequate and functional hardcore release that thankfully has a bit more than just screaming and bruising riffs to its’ name with some nice leads which add texture. However, the guitar work is sadly uninspiring and there isn’t enough melody to create a release that’s truly memorable.

Fans of the band will have little to complain about though. Inspire Create Destory is Polar doing what Polar do best and for £2 you can’t find many hardcore EPs that sound as vehement as this. But for everybody else, there isn’t much substance to this release and Polar will have a hard time winning over new fans with it. Inspire Create Destory is a passionate yet forgettable experience.


Polar’s Inspire Create Destory is available to download from Drop Dead now.


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