Review: Bad Sign’s De l’Amour

When Bad Sign’s De l’Amour begins it starts with an enormous, grunty, slab of a bass followed by a monolithic alt-rock riff. We could quite easily end this review here because over the next 50 minutes there is rarely a moment where the Croydon trio divert from this simple yet hugely enjoyable structure. It’s also a wonderfully surprising start that is at polar opposites with the album artwork which looks like a poster for a bottle of Chanel No. 5. Basically, De l’Amour is quite the heavy hitter for a debut album.

Bad Sign have a rather unnerving talent for great riffs and even better chorus’. Bassist/vocalist Joe Appleford not only supplies the incredible low-end rumble, but also manages to succeed in being a fantastic vocalist with a beautiful, heart-on-sleeve delivery and a wonderful croon that brings to mind Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil and Fightstar’s Charlie Simpson. Urgence showcases Appleford’s delivery at its’ best with one of the album’s best chorus’ and and some brilliant guitar work from Jon Harris.

Let’s not forget drummer Kev Miller who puts in an absolutely stellar performance that isn’t ruined by being over-produced like a lot of modern rock and metal albums. All the weight and crash you’d expect from a live show is captured perfectly and Miller sounds like he’s absolutely destroying his arms on almost every song.

The only thing that could hurt Bad Sign’s debut album is that on occasion it does feel like you’ve heard everything the band can do. This might be down to the 50 minute running time or the 2 “slow” tracks Vicissitude Pt. 1 and Tonight being placed next to each other. Regardless, this is a minor issue that is outweighed by the brilliant song-writing that fills the majority of this record.

Bad Sign are a truly epic sounding alt-rock band that are brilliantly accessible thanks to their memorable chorus’. They also pack a serious punch which will satisfy rock fans and might even have some cross-over appeal with metal fans as some of Jon Harris’ riffs command a serious head-bang. De l’Amour is an amazing debut album that should only be missed at your own peril.


Bad Sign’s De l’Amour is out now and available to purchase direct from the band by clicking here.


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