Review: Reaper in Sicily’s Islands

Reaper in Sicily are a 5 piece post hardcore band from South Wales who follow in a similar path to Funeral for a Friend and Rise Against. The band deliver huge, riff-lead songs with strong, infectious melodies and their debut album Islands packs a serious punch.

Islands is a seriously accomplished effort. A band this young have no business sounding so tight at this time in their career. The brilliant production work allows you to appreciate how great Reaper in Sicily’s song writing is in wonderful clarity. Thankfully, serious attention has been paid in making Islands sound raw and the production has the right amount of grit in it to give songs like 50 the impact they’re going for.

There is very little down time on Islands. Every song bursts through the doors without a care in the world and then continues to beat you with massive, punky riffs and furious drumming. Reaper in Sicily might not deviate from this path too often, but they don’t really need to when the songs are so energetic and enjoyable to listen to.

One particular part of Reaper in Sicily will make and break this album for certain listeners and that comes in vocalist Rhys Bernardo’s delivery. Nobody can deny that Bernardo isn’t giving it his all during his performance on Islands, but his raspy, nasal delivery can become irritating after extended periods of time. Bernardo’s vocal style is certainly recognisable and helps form a part of Reaper in Sicily’s unique sound, but whether that’s a good thing or not is entirely up to the listener.

If you can learn to love Bernardo’s singing you will find Reaper in Sicily’s Islands a fantastic listen. The band are wonderfully accomplished song writers and Islands makes for a brilliantly entertaining listen from start to finish. Post hardcore fans will have a lot to like here and it won’t be too long before Reaper in Sicily become a household name in this scene.


Reaper in Sicily’s Islands is released independently on the 10th of June.


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