Review: Last Transmission’s All the Time in the World

Last Transmission are a 4 piece emo rock band that focus on big hooks and catchy melodies. The band’s sound triumphs in its’ simplicity and their All the Time in the World EP is full of memorable chorus’ and big, stompy pop-rock riffage.

Fans of Young Guns and We Are The Ocean will find a lot to like here. Stand out tracks include Anything to Anyone with its’ huge, driving riff and massive sing-a-long chorus. Last Transmission certainly don’t sound like a band releasing their first EP; this is superbly accomplished stuff.

So All the Time in the World is definitely a catchy record, but what do Last Transmission offer above the many, many emo rock bands that already exist? Sadly, not a lot. This is the major issue with this EP; you’ve heard it all before. There is nothing here you haven’t already experienced on a Youmeatsix or a Lower Than Atlantis album and it’s a damn shame. Last Transmission clearly have great song writing talent in their midst because there isn’t a chorus on the EP that won’t worm its’ way into your skull, but there just isn’t a lot here that makes Last Transmission stand out on their own.

This isn’t helped by the fact that vocalist/guitarist Michael Blackwell doesn’t sound like he’s really pushing his capacity as a vocalist. Blackwell can certainly sing and his melodies and perfectly acceptable, but his performance is average. If Blackwell made more of an effort to belt his lyrics out and convince the listener they actually mean something to him then his vocals would have a far more engaging effect. As mentioned, Blackwell isn’t a bad vocalist by any means but his offerings on songs like 24 is functional and nothing more. This is a shame as 24 is one of the hardest hitting songs on the whole release and has a fantastic guitar solo to boot.

Last Transmission’s All the Time in the World is a functional release. Every member of the band gets to showcase exactly how good their musical ability is and they create some brilliantly memorable songs in the process. What hurts the release is that the band haven’t found that special something that will make them stand out amongst their peers.


Last Transmission’s All the Time in the World is available now. Buy it digitally from the usual suspects or physically direct from the band.


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