Review: The Dropper’s Neck’s Second Coming

The Dropper’s Neck are a bratty, punky, rock ‘n’ roll beast from Essex who sound like Queens of the Stone Age and The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster got freaky. The band’s debut album Second Coming is a 9 track, 34 minute blast of hard rocking fun and focusses all its’ energy in being a lairy and enjoyable experience.

The big draw comes with vocalist Lloyd Matthews who manages to channel Guy McKnight’s deep, rockabilly funk and partner it with Josh Homme’s rock ‘n’ roll slickness to create a wonderfully unique and memorable vocal style. Matthews is a brilliant front man that always sounds like he’s having fun and even manages to muster an awesome rock scream that punctuates some of the album’s best moments like the chorus to Abrasive (which also describes the sound of the song perfectly).

The music is also top notch throughout and is loaded with catchy riffs. Some great contrast is included with a few moments of bizarre, angular guitar work like the introduction to I Am The Law. These moments call to mind some of the more experimental songs on Eighties Matchbox’s The Royal Society and bring the listener out of their comfort zone before they bludgeon you with another brilliant riff.

There are a few downsides to the record though. The most obvious one is that halfway through the album the comparisons to Eighties Matchbox get a little too close to comfort and certain chorus’ sound like they’re plucked from Eighties Matchbox’s back catalogue. The Dropper’s Neck thankfully add enough punk to their sound to not be a complete Eighties Matchbox clone, but sometimes they do get a bit close for comfort.

The other minor issue is that the drums are a little low in the mix. Some of the chorus’ could’ve really benefited from a louder and more raucous beat to punctuate the often brilliant melodies. But as mentioned, this is a pretty minor issue in the grand scheme of things.

Second Coming by The Dropper’s Neck doesn’t suffer from forgettable songs or bad production values. The album is a brilliant rock record loaded with fantastic riffs and chorus’ that will stick with you for ages. The Dropper’s Neck certainly succeed in making an enjoyable and memorable rock record, but sometimes their influences shine through a little too brightly. If the band can add an original element to their next release like focussing on the punkier side of their music then they’ll be onto a seriously engaging formula that will make them stand out a lot more. For now, the band should sit comfortably knowing they made a great rock record despite similarities to Eighties Matchbox.


Watch The Dropper’s Neck performing My Lime Tree live:

Second Coming by The Dropper’s Neck is independently released on July 29th, physically through the band and digitally via Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.


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