Review: Koresh’s Chump

Scrappy, sludgecore metallers Koresh are a 5 piece from London who channel the spirits of Raging Speedhorn and Iron Monkey. Their Chump EP crams enough bruising sludge metal and hardcore stomp to serve a nation and does it all in just under 13 minutes. Koresh don’t muck about and these 7 songs conjure the image of 5 men absolutely destroying the toilet scene.

Koresh have done a cracking job of capturing a “live” sound on Chump. Every little inconsistency that goes with seeing a band live and watching a bunch of dudes let loose is captured brilliantly here. The loose, almost free-form nature of the drumming keeps the entire release unpredictable and the duel vocal attack is frantic and menacing in nature.

Chump also works a nice balance between flat-out riffing and wild technicality which continues to add to the “live” image the band are creating. Bin Juice opens with some fantastic groove metal while Shitbird opts for a more straight forward, almost hard rock approach that creates some wonderfully memorable riffs and even incorporates a guitar solo. Koresh have managed to squeeze as many influences into this release as they possibly can and still manage to create a sound that they can claim ownership to.

The EP does have its’ problems though. The drums are unfortunately low in the mix and this robs the music of a lot of power. The production is also quite flat which makes this issue even more prevalent. With a little more time tweaking the overall sound of this release, Koresh could’ve sounded Earth-shatteringly massive.

Regardless, Koresh have put forward a genre-defying EP that sounds like one of the best underground metal shows you’ve never attended. The band are equal parts groove, sludge and hardcore and incorporating two vocalists makes this package even more mental. Koresh are a dirty, filthy beast and we mean that in the nicest way possible. Miss this band at your own peril.


Pre-order Koresh’s Chump from Witch Hunter Records now. The EP drops on the 20th of May.


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