Review: Razoreater / Iced Out Split

Church of Fuck offer up a double dose of hardcore with the release of the Razoreater / Iced Out 7” split. Both bands continue in a similar fashion from their debut releases (also released on Church of Fuck) but this time they’re more pissed and more “in your face” than ever before.


Razoreater make a rather beautiful racket. The band’s blackened hardcore is unleashed in full force with Drownyourdaughters and Strangleyoursons. The two songs flow into each other to create one, massive, hardcore behemoth. Both songs charge ahead at full speed, never letting up or giving you a moment to catch your breath.

Razoreater mean business on these songs and even when they do take a moment to calm down on Strangleyoursons, they still sound utterly furious. The band have bottled pure anger on their side of the record.

Both songs are impressively structured with the guitarists alternating between tremolo picking and good-old-fashioned riffing with stunning effect. It almost sounds like the guitarists are setting the pace on this record and not the drummer. Razoreater sound absolutely volatile on this split, setting an incredibly high bar that they’ll have a hard time topping on their next release.



Iced Out are a similarly vicious band but their heaviness is far more calculated. Their songs (Sleepless and Dead Men) are built around one memorable riff and they bludgeon you with it until your head will bang no more.

The riff in Sleepless is one of the best hardcore has to offer and Iced Out give it plenty of room to do its’ thing. You’ll have a hard time forgetting this one.

One particular moment in Sleepless gives the song a huge jolt of electricity as it breaks down near the end, leaving the vocalist screaming alone with the sound of something being knocked over before the drums kick the whole thing back into action. It’s a small piece of anger captured in its’ purest form and it manages to encapsulate everything Iced Out stand for whilst making the listener want to jump into their nearest mosh pit.

Dead Men follows with its’ lurching riff that is hugely overbearing. You cannot fault this band for doing what they do; this is some of the best hardcore available right now.

Iced Out don’t have the relentless speed of Razoreater but they still offer something just as extreme that’s even a little bit more memorable than Razoreater’s offerings.


Both bands put forward some of the best music they’ve recorded so far and do it in such a vicious way that they sound like they’ve put everything they had into these recordings. Razoreater and Iced Out have our attention and they’ll soon be coming for yours.

Do yourself a favour and pre-order this 7″ from Church of Fuck now.


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