Review: Bloody Mammals’ Eventually Your House Will Burn Down

London four piece Bloody Mammals make an almighty racket fuelled by some amazing alt-rock riffage. The band sound like an amalgamation of early, experimental Biffy Clyro and Reuben’s heavier, progressive side. After a single and an EP, the band are putting forward their strongest material to date with the release of mini-album Eventually Your House Will Burn Down.

This 6 track post hardcore beast is fuelled by some of the most intense drumming put to record and some rather peculiarly memorable scream-along chorus’. Eventually Your House Will Burn Down is a challenging listen that worships the quiet/loud dynamic with stunning effect. For every amp-busting riff a more delicate section is always soon to follow. Bloody Mammals’ song-writing really excels in these moments as they never feel sudden and uncomfortable and genuinely flow quite naturally, guiding the listener through their multi-faceted sound.

Album highlights include opener This Neighbourhood is Cursed which showcases Bloody Mammals signature sound straight off the bat and The Tie-Down Team which is full of brilliant leads that add a catchy melody that stands out around the band’s almost mathcore leanings. At only 16 minutes in length, you’ll be exhausted by the end of the release as this 6 track mini-album packs in more ideas then some bands can manage for their entire career.

The only real let down is that some tracks tend to let the alternative part of the band’s sound take center stage when what Bloody Mammals really need is a big hook to sink your teeth into. Madam instantly springs to mind as the entire song lacks a catchy melody that would help the song stick in your head. The screamed vocals are delivered emphatically and almost save the song, but a bit more melody could have really set the song off.

But when Eventually Your House Will Burn Down draws to a close, these minor foibles are not what you’re going to remember it for. Bloody Mammals have presented us with a fascinating rock release that is equal parts punk, post hardcore and alt-rock. The band have absolutely stuffed this album with interesting ideas and it’s a real privilege to hear the whole thing unfold into one scruffy but brilliantly executed release.


Bloody Mammals’ Eventually Your House Will Burn Down is released on the 6th of May through Flatpack Recordings and 49s vs Dolphins.


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