Review: Milestone’s Medicate the Night

Have you ever got an inclination as to what a band will sound like from their record’s artwork? We can’t say we were expecting a particularly multi-layered sound from Milestone when we saw the artwork to their Medicate the Night EP. Our assumption was that this record with it’s scantily clad women drinking heavily and gambling was going to contain music that was a bit daft and with little substance. Thankfully Milestone have proven us wrong.

Milestone make hard rock for fans of AC/DC, Freeze the Atlantic and Zico Chain and despite only forming last February, they have developed a rather accomplished sound. Vocalist and guitarist Jack Howells has catchy riffs in abundance and his sugary vocals are unique and recognisable which gives the band a considerable edge on other bands this early in their careers.

Let’s not forget the other half of this duel guitar attack as lead guitarist Kris Archer also gives the riffs an awful lot of bite. Blame Me contains one of the best riffs on the EP as well as a fantastic solo. The guitar work on Medicate the Night is wonderfully consistent and memorable throughout. The groove that Howells and Archer provide gives this EP its’ biggest appeal and at no point does the guitar work ever disappoint. This really is impressive stuff for a debut release.

The only real negative we can throw at Medicate the Night is that it tends to find its’ comfort zone and stay there. Most of the songs follow a similar mid-paced tempo that only occasionally changes for a faster moment like on the title track. EP closer Bless the Soul slows things down a bit, but this only makes it evident that Milestone are a better band when they plug their music full of energy. Luckily this corrects itself around the 3 minute mark and the song is better for it.

Medicate the Night is a solid rock EP from an exciting young band. Milestone clearly have bundles of talent and hooks to spare and the fantastic riffs and melodies are massive, lasting affairs that will refuse to leave your head. If the band can work on varying their sound on future releases then the UK might just have another great rock band to showcase to the world.


Milestone’s Medicate the Night is released digitally on May 13th 2013. A limited edition CD release will also be available from the band soon.


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