Review: Hellbound Hearts’ Oustide

Yorkshire rockers Hellbound Hearts have arrived in a rollicking good fashion with their debut EP Outside and it pulses with a punky, hard rock vibe that owes a lot to bands like Zico Chain, Velvet Revolver and Foo Fighters.

The EP kicks off with the title track and bloody hell does it kick. Outside has a brilliant riff that will lodge itself in your brain like a cockroach with a crowbar. This is also matched with a fantastic chorus that makes the whole song a perfect slab of hard rock fun. This is an incredibly strong start to a promising EP.

Unfortunately, Hellbound Hearts decided to follow Outside with the mid-paced and far more radio friendly song Mr. Cynical which robs the EP of any excitement it just built. Mr. Cynical isn’t a bad song, but its’ overall execution is quite functional as it plods along and lacks the furious riffing of the previous track. Sounding like a b-side from a Wildhearts single, Mr. Cynical might have been better placed at the end of the EP where it could have offered the release some closure. Sadly (and as mentioned before) it just kills the adrenaline that Outside just gave us.

This song in particular is the major issue with Hellbound Hearts’ Outside EP as the following two songs (Sinking Ship and Hold Steady respectively) offer up brilliant riffs and chorus’ that showcase a fresh and invigorated band that sound absolutely massive. When Hellbound Hearts write songs like this you can almost imagine them commanding enormous crowds who will gleefully bounce along to this masterfully crafted rock.

Hellbound Hearts are a band with potential. Vocalist and guitarist Danny Lambert has an obvious talent for writing a big hook and 3 of the 4 songs on Outside deliver these by the bucket-load. The EP almost nose-dives when the band decide to do their “radio rock” thing, but don’t let Mr. Cynical spoil this for you. There’s an exciting young band here and if they can up their level of intensity and memorable chorus’ to keep the listener engaged then they could be your next favourite band.


Hellbound Hearts’ Outside EP is released digitally on the 29th of April.

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