Review: End Reign’s Suicide Collection

End Reign are writing a new record and that’s why we have Suicide Collection. This discography release of the all the band’s material thus far marks the end of one chapter of their existence and the start of an exciting new one. Every demo, EP and split is collected here and shows a fascinating evolution of one of the UK’s best metallic hardcore bands. The real question is, have End Reign put together a release that can stand on its’ own or is it purely functional?

The answer is not particularly clear. Suicide Collection works chronologically but backwards; starting with the band’s newest material and ending with the oldest. This choice is always a dangerous one as you risk the record sounding great to begin with and slowly getting worse as the band get less experienced and the production falling flatter as we delve backwards through the time-line. This just means that End Reign pull off a pretty amazing feat by proving that the band has always been on point. New song Sacrifice is just as frantic and ballsy as the final track off their 2010 demo. That statement alone should be proof enough that this band deserve to be at the forefront of UK hardcore.

The major issue with Suicide Collection is that the songs are brilliant in short doses like the way they were originally presented on their respective releases, but they have an awful problem of meshing together into one enormous heap of hardcore when they’re collected in this fashion. This is not to say that this musicianship and downright ferocity isn’t great or in any way tired, it’s just that the songs tend to lose an element of the balls-out execution of their original releases. Release the Wolves and Paradise were amazing songs when we first heard them on the band’s split with Alaska as they were a perfect one-two punch of hardcore that delivered exactly what it needed to and didn’t outstay its’ welcome. However, when they’re squashed between the band’s self-titled EP and their 2010 demo, they lose a lot of impact they have on their own. This is the general feeling you’ll get once you reach the collection’s half-way point and it sticks all the way to the end.

This is not to say that End Reign’s Suicide Collection is in any way a bad release. This is the sound of one of the UK’s best hardcore bands and the relentless fury of the drums, immense riffing and throat-wrenching screams are delivered with the animosity of a band that have nothing else other than their music. This is a solid 37 minutes of pure aggression that doesn’t let up, but End Reign will have to present the listener with a release that ebbs and flows if they truly want to engage them on their debut album.


End Reign’s Suicide Collection is now sold out on Church of Fuck records, but a 2nd pressing has been produced by Witch Hunter Records and can be purchased now.


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