Review: Employed to Serve’s Counting Crows

Alright Employed to Serve, you can leave some riffs for everyone else. No need to ponce them all and cram them into the space of two songs with expert precision and flow that means it isn’t at all overwhelming. Can’t you guys be at least a little bit naff so everyone else can have a chance in the spotlight?

The unfortunate situation is Employed to Serve aren’t in the spotlight, but if you have even a passing inclination towards extreme guitar music then you owe it to yourselves to discover this band at their absolute prime.

The follow-up to Long Time Dead is here and it’s called Counting Crows. You can’t even joke about the band’s choice of naming an EP after a load of pop-rock toss because this is serious, overbearing and immense metal that will crush you under its’ mighty heal.

The EP starts with the 4 and a half minute behemoth The Day You Didn’t Die. The song is absolutely savage and it’s amazing to see Sammy Urwin’s guitar-work making considerable leaps in technicality and experimentation. The song takes a lot of cues from mathcore with its’ constantly changing time signatures. The whole thing is a beautifully wild experience that even manages to add a moment of respite complete with Urwin’s haunting vocals before it starts beating you over the head again with its’ sheer brutality.

If this song alone doesn’t prove how far Employed to Serve have come in such a short space of time then Day Bleeder reinforces that statement by making use of similar tactics. The riffs soar and Justine Jones pours her heart (and most importantly her throat) into every word. Employed to Serve sound unbelievably vital. They want your attention and my God are they pulling out all the stops to make sure they get it.

Counting Crows is a staggering follow-up to one of my favourite metal releases in recent years. At only 2 tracks in length it does more than some bands can do over their entire career. Employed to Serve have once again made us imagine how amazing they would sound on a full-length album and when these 8 minutes come to a close you’ll be gagging for more. Avoid this band at your own peril; they’ll find you soon enough.


Employed to Serve’s Counting Crows is available for download now from Grindcore Karaoke. Do yourself a favour.


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