Review: Eager Teeth’s Eager Teeth

Brighton post hardcore mob Eager Teeth are made up of members of Chaos Days, This City and Telegraphs and elements of the latter two bands really shine through in their overall sound. The band present us with their debut self-titled album which is jam-packed with massive riffs, huge pop-punk melodies and some interesting little splashes of alternative guitar twiddling which make for a brilliantly original sound. Fans of Lower Than Atlantis and The James Cleaver Quintet will find plenty to like here.

If you take anything away from this review then make sure it’s “this album is bloody catchy”. Every song on Eager Teeth’s self-titled debut is loaded with a massive chorus that is so infectious you’ll need to visit a doctor to remove it. Vocalist Will Blood swaggers his way through the entire record with his wonderful croon that makes every melody super-memorable. Eager Teeth have certainly developed a spectacular formula for making their songs sound incredibly lasting.

What really impresses is that the actual music driving the whole thing is a huge melting pot of riffs, furious drums and gentler moments that weave in beautifully with the previous elements. Take the track New Bones (I Gotta Know) for instance; the song starts with the aforementioned alternative fret-board tapping and it lulls you into an interesting calm before the storm. Then those huge riffs get your head banging before Will Blood launches into another epic chorus.

Other highlights include Constant Entertainment with its’ awesome guitar solo that adds a fantastic element to the song that doesn’t sound self-indulgent in the slightest. I Decided Long Ago also surprises with a short, sharp, shock of hardcore punk that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Refused album.

The only real downside to the record is that with so many different styles and influences affecting the sound, it can sometimes suffer from a flow that doesn’t ease each song into the next and creates a jarring stop/start effect. Eager Teeth’s self-titled debut can feel like a random collection of songs from the band’s back catalogue and less of a polished album that was mixed and mastered to ease the listener through the many facets of the band’s sound.

However, this isn’t an album spoiler and as already mentioned, the band put forward a brilliant collection of songs with amazingly infectious melodies that won’t leave you until a long time after the record finishes. Eager Teeth have a wonderfully original sound that is fully realised on their self-titled album, but we can’t help but think that if the record was arranged and mastered with a different running order then it might flow a lot better.


Eager Teeth’s self-titled debut album is released March 18th through A Wolf at Your Door Records. You can pre-order it from Banquet Records now.


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