Review: Your Demise’s Cold Chillin’

In what seems like a direct response to claims from Your Demises’ fanbase that they had ‘sold out’ in favour of catchy pop-punk melodies, the band are back with a four track EP that shows them at their most aggressive. The EP is called Cold Chillin’ and generally sounds a lot closer to the band’s first two Visible Noise releases; Ignorance Never Dies and The Kids We Used to Be respectively.

The whole thing kicks off with metalcore number Karma which despite a great riff that brings back memories of metalcore-past (bands like 36 Crazyfists and Killswitch Engage), the whole song relies far too heavily on the staples of the genre that have become so tiring. The song is full of single-chord riffs and the obligatory breakdown.

The same techniques are employed for Nearly Home but the breakdown is punctuated with the classic hardcore signature of shouting “BLEUGH” to let the listener know exactly where they need to start moshing. Nearly Home and Karma are nothing but predictable and while they’re certainly fun as fairly decent examples of modern metalcore with all the mosh-kid trimmings, you won’t help but feel like you’ve been here a million times before.

These clichés that metalcore is unfortunately known far too well for really hurt Your Demise’s sound especially as the other two songs on the EP are dramatically better. A Song to No-One and Just Like the End are far more punk-orientated which means the songs employ catchier riffs and huge chorus’ lead by some great gang vocals. A Song to No-One still manages to pull off a “BLEUGH” followed by a breakdown, but on the whole these songs showcase that Your Demise’s catchier side genuinely makes for a far more engaging experience.

So where does that leave Your Demise? Do they continue to satisfy fans of their heavier material or do they opt for the more memorable, punk style employed on The Golden Age? This whole EP feels like it’s juggling these two questions without a definitive answer.

We propose this to the band; why not both? The band already hint at what could have been on A Song to No-One which employs both pop-punk chorus and metalcore tropes to make a song that is probably one of the most unique things in their discography.

Your Demise are definitely a more enjoyable and exciting band when they’re at their most memorable and the punkier tunes on Cold Chillin’ go a long way to prove that. If the band are really that worried about losing fans in favour of going down this route, simply banging out a couple of standard metalcore songs just isn’t going to cut it.


Your Demise’s Cold Chillin’ is available to buy on CD now from Impericon.


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